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April 22, 2004


When hamburgers are outlawed, only outlaws will have hamburgers.

(Thanks to Lisa)


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Ewington has row with Roes, stays at Brucies because he loves the customers.

Uh, was that burger supersized?

first post

"Under cross-examination, Mr Ewington denied using the hamburger as a weapon."

"Although Judge Hobbs dismissed the assault charge, he found Roes guilty of possessing a pocket knife without reasonable excuse and fined him $200."

He was fined $200 for posession of a POCKET KNIFE? One can only wonder what would have happened if the judge had determined that the hamburger HAD been used as a weapon. How much can you be fined in Australia for possesion of a hamburger without reasonable excuse?

It was decent-sized and I am not sure on the exchange with New Zeeland burgers

Tis probably close to the weiner erection statute, Mike.

You're implying there's a law in Autralia that prohbits erecting a weiner without reasonable excuse, Lisa?

I think I am implying that!

I meant, of course, a law in New Zealand, not Australia (or Autralia, wherever that is). I was just trying to throw the pocket knife smugglers and rogue weiner erectors off track....

Did that come with assualt and pepper?

BTW MIke, I posted this about your long moose/cobra plan waaay after people stopped posting, but wanted to let you know that we thought it was a riot:

I loved the long version, Mike, (so so clever)even explained the context and then read it aloud to my date last night--we laughed and laughed.

An added plus is that I have a NEW use for the stud finder I keep in my purse!

"Roes claimed that Mr Ewington had not washed his hands, was not wearing gloves and had wiped his forehead while preparing the burger."

Not to mention using concrete instead of beef.

Thanks, Lisa. And, yes, I read the earlier comment. I am he who spends too much time on the blog. I see all. I am large. I contain multitudes. I am miracle ingredient X-27. I put the ram in the rama-lama-ding-dong. I am a great enchanter. But there are those who call me.....mike.

In case you can't tell, I have too much time on my hands.

Burgers of glass destruction?

Well, god. Just gazing in awe at Mike. The ram part is really interesting.

And so, we find more Weapons of (big) Mac Destruction.

"But there are those who call me.....mike."

I find no greater compliment than that. I myself have been called that many, many times in my life. Too many times in fact to remember each and every one. But, I find that it never gets old when spoken by someone I do not dislike. Though I would not yell Mike in a crowded place, the responses will be too many to count.

So ... what exactly would be a reasonable excuse for having a pocket knife? And, more to the alleged point, why would he even need an excuse?

*Laughs and Laughs*

It started when Mr Ewington hurled the hamburger

He said "hurled," heh heh . . .

Speaking as a New Zealander, and hence feeling somewhat sheepish, I'd just like to say, note that this happened in January, our summer vacation 'silly season' period. There's no way it would have made the newspapers at any other time.
Well, not unless a member of the Lord of the Rings cast was involved.

"found guilty of posessing a pocket knife and fined $200"
poor MacGuyver.

A little too much iron in that red meat, wouldn't you say?

When hamburgers are outlawed, only outlaws will have cholesterol problems.

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