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April 30, 2004


We're actually not sure which this involves. Can guys be nerds, too? And can they be named Charise?

(Thanks to Lane Closure)


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The tone is great! It is most academic posting I've ever read here.

Wow... within 24 hours, I have had my first two first posts. That could be a signal I need check this website less often and write my papers more often.

At the bottom of this story was a link for the Printer-friendly version. My guess is that this link will not be used a lot.

These must have been men - because guys would never have a) run out of test fluid or b) allowed the flagrant waste of the valiant test fluid already used....

"lying on the floor, overflowing with beer and disappointing everyone around you..."

Never knew I had so much in common with Frisbees.

'bout as far as a guy full of beer.

Beer, Bangi, and ammo (hey, you ever been hit with a frisbee)? I'll volunteer for that!

I bet a lot of pointless collegiate articles get written this time of year. Next week is finals.

I tried to get a pointless article past the editors, but they shot it down. It's about William Hung and why he is a farce. It would've been nice to know BEFORE I spent five hours on it that that topic wouldn't "float the boat" or "tickle the chin" (or whatever other yucky metaphor you fancy) of the staff. I can think of a right foul acronym for BTFU, but I'll leave that to other, less angry, so-called "mannered" Bloglits.

Never mind! False alarm! http://www.highlander.ucr.edu/article.php?artnum=3341

Just one thought comes to mind.

What a tragic spilling of beer.

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