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April 22, 2004


A calf named Unique.

(Thanks to Jay Ashworth)


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One of a kind, alright! First!

How do you catch a two headed cow? U-nique up on it!

Hey MeL, this is only about an hour away from you! Coincidence? ;-)

Hey I only have two eyes and one mouth..thank you very much :P But people who aren't from round these parts seem to think there's something strange in the water.

MeL, I went to Azle High School for 1 year. I know there's something strange in the water up there!

That's why it's easier to drink bottled water from Hawaii right? But you gotta make sure you dilute it with the regular tap water because mixing water and water is just dangerous.

"if the animals survives, so be it""
What?? You don't want the freak of nature you spawned?
Thats just plain awful.

Can he moo in stereo?


Moooooo! Triple vision! Mooooo! I've got Triple vision!


Finally. :-)

And, um, "twelfth post".

What; my stuff isn't funny enough to get lots of comments? Maybe I should write in and bitch about stuff, like Garret.

heh heh heh Baylink! ;-)

Better to be a baker's dozen than just one jolly roll short! :-)

I don't know, but somehow that name doesn't seem to be Unique.

Uh, Gregg, "he" is a female calf. It is a cow.

That said, "Unique got a clean bull of health."
(sorry, couldn't resist another cow pun)

Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

What do you expect, coming from a town named "Grand Saline"?

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