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April 11, 2004


An exciting Easter-egg hunt in Michigan.

(Thanks to Rose8989)


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(shakes head) Kids and their squirrel-killing projectiles...

I served a one-year sentence....err, I lived in Flint for a year, and it's one of the worst places I've ever seen. I don't understand why this story is even newsworthy, because I wouldn't be any more surprised to find a loaded handgun in a Flint park than I would be to find a rock on the ground in a park in a normal city. I'm sure there was a stash of heroin not far away from the guns.

*wonders why the marshall didnt try to find a bathroom*

Good point, Bangi_gurl, but it was probably so dangerous there (as per Milo's comment) that all the bathrooms were locked, so she had to hide her gun behind a bush where she could forget it just as easily as the other marshall could in the bathroom.

The adjectives have pretty much run out for things like this, haven't they? This is just a very sad story, and I suppose, too true in more places than you want to know.

I hope those kids manage to have a Happy Easter anyway.

Jef-I meant,why not find a bathroom to er,do ur thing,instead of going into the bushes.
*Bangi realizes it's Easter and vows to try harder to be holier 2nite*

has anybody sent this report to michael moore?

Oh god, he would have a "field" day.

Ok, that was lame, I admit it.

Bangi - I know, it was a joke. ;) But most bathrooms in parks & subway stations in New York are always locked, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same in Flint, especially given Milo's assessment of that city. (In New York you need to look for a hotel or department store, or go in the street like New Yorkers do. Joke again.)

Actually they are STILL fighting about opening public toilets here as to where, how many, etc. It is a lot easier to find a place to go in England than it is here.

Somewhere, a Federal Air Marshal is attempting to hold up a terrorist with an easter egg.

I think I meant "detain", not hold up. But somewhere, there IS an idiot trying to hold up a convenience store with an Easter Egg.

Hallo, Punky! Did your Mother like the studmuffins you brought for brunch?! ;-)

She didn't get a chance to speak to ALL of them ... not enough time in the day ... so I'll have to bring them back 'round next Holiday.


The Same to You Too! Certainly Fine Officer! :-)

That's my interpretation of CFO! ;-)

Con did explain my new-found status...seems like an excellent seat-position for me to be in for the Show!

P.S. Ya know, Punky, given I'm tryna stay on-topic, clean, and you got them handcuffs!

There but for the Grace of God, The Blog, and the commenters, go I :-)

did some1 mention handcuffs?

Bangi, if you ever need replacements, try looking here

air marshals are so great and awsome the put their lives on the line to save other people . i just want to say thank you so much for helping our country.!!!!!

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