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April 21, 2004


"Jack ! What is that you just want is to lick rum and to hit on girls in the dark restaurant at the center of that, Isn't it?"

We vote yes.

(Thanks to Amber Miller)


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First comment!


I have nothing to say...

A day in the life of....

And I think that squirrel's going to definitely need some nut therapy ;-)

All they need is to mismatch the voice with the mouth movements and the picture is complete.

I believe that's a chipmunk, not a squirrel.

Now y'all know what i want for my birthday--a jackdoll.
unless u find a striderdoll
Eadn--i pick a color,( previous post)...i found sth for *your* birthday

oops..i meant "pick a colour"...toss out the "i"

Love the one with Edward Scissorhands cutting his hair.. Isn't that like a split personality thing going on there?

Good lord, I don't know if I'm more disturbed by the chipmunk love or the cross-dressing Ken with bad Tammy Faye makeup. I'd have to say the best quote is actually paired with the image of Barbie b****-slapping him. "Looks like the girl is terribly angry . But Jack is smiling. He must be a philanderer"

*edited for explicit content*


*sees visions of flaming Bangi_Gurl dancing in his head*

(remembers proper "guy mode" ;-)

Whatever turns you on, my dear! :-)

That banana looks mysteriously like a pickle.

This is the funniest thing I've seen all day!! I can't stop laughing! I love the random 'Jack?'s all over the place, as if the author is really waiting for a response from him. What a loon! I think Dave should write a column and then have it translated into Japanese and then have a less-than-proficient translator translate it back to english. Everything is just funnier that way!

I really want a Jack doll now. Although I realize I would never have the coolest website about my Jack doll, I can still dream.

I love how the backgrounds all seem to fit what's going on in the scene... the "cross-dressing Ken in Tammy Faye makeup" (aka "BonBon" from Before Night Falls," a cameo appearance by Our Boy JD), has Mort Rainey's "Secret Window" poster staring unbelievingly at Mlle. BonBon. Many of us who've seen the movie ("Before Night Falls") had the same reaction.

Note too the "friend in pink angola sweater," and how he resembles Depp's Ed Wood. And of course, there's an Ichabod or two here and there.

This person is brilliantly creative, and has *way* too much time on her/his hands.

Plus the English is charming. :o)

I agree with AmberM, this is one of the best pages this blog has ever linked to. Not only is the Jack doll a work of art, the myriad references to all of Johnny Depp's films are extremely clever. I was hoping there'd be a guestbook on the site, but I didn't see one. Many thanks to whoever submitted this one, and to Judi for posting it.


Thats SO cool!
(and pathetic)

haha there is WAAAYYYY too much Johnny Depp with that person, it's beyond scary.
But it was extremely clever.
and I want a pet chipmunk.

I think I'm scarred for life.

This is one of the best things I've seen in a long time. Hiro3 is my hero.

Actually, the chipmunk was almost the 1st thing I noticed. (Desensitization is a given around here, i guess.) They only live about a year, so that's probably why people don't usually have them as pets. That said, I want one anyways. And has anyone else ever seen a grey chipmunk besides the one in the photos? The ones in the Northeast are all brown.

Every time I go to that site I see something new and funny. Don't ask how often. I won't tell, and besides I've lost count...

Like the "Jackdoll, are you obsessed by Agent Sands?" pose, where Jack is wearing shades and blood-streaked eyes a la Agent Sands, and also an extra, black-leather-encased arm. Kills me from laughin'.

And how is it possible that his expression, which never actually changes, changes? See "Run, fake Jack! Real Jack is behind you!" and others. This Hiro3 is magic person like.



And have you noticed how in some pictures, especially the slapshot at the bottom of the page, his hair appears to be *poseable*?
This doll has GOT to go into mass production.
Speaking of which, am I right when I squint hard and think that this is just a Ken doll that has been redeemed by heavy customisation? But I'm sure Ken never had such great cheekbones.

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