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April 23, 2004


The rooster did it.

(Thanks to Liz Batty)


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"Impertinent Roosters" wbagnfarb.

Oh, first. ;)


OMG! I've become one of them.

Curse you, Guin.

Second ... and third!

Oh wait, I'm not supposed to be doing this.


Gansta Chickens...wbagnfarb

Does anything normal happen in Australia?

Does "Manuel Urbina" (anagram: Banal Mu Urine) really have a license to practice law? If so, he needs more practice. That defense sucks eggs, even for Australia.

OK, I checked and it was Nicaragua, not Australia. Same difference.

Frankly, I don't buy it. I mean really, where are chickens going to get the mirrors and rolled up 100 dollar bills they need to use this stuff?
I think they were just holding for the guy. I say check his house for mirrors and large denomination bills.

I should be a prosecutor, huh? My logic is impeccable.

I think this guy's defense lawyer laid an egg.

ROTFL, the most satifying thing of all was telling Dan Gross' rooster above to DIE.

I heard the roster was giving up the hens and will probably walk.

The rooster had a revolver, drugs, and two hens. Sounds like a BAD rooster. Pimping, drug running, gun toting roosters! I'm glad I just live in insane Ohio where we just acquired the right to carry concealed weapons.

Honey, these cracked eggs are delicious!

The Sub Chicken is most definetly guilty. I got him to confess rather quickly. I asked him "where's the cocaine?" and he pointed right at it. Book 'em!

If the Rooster is high
My client must fly!

If there's crack in his s%$t
You must acquit!

Whoa, Punky, whoa! Sometimes we blame our chicks too.

When I grow up, I wanna be "absurd and impertinent"


Wow! How'd I get there so fast? ;-)

P.S. Hey Garret! Welcome to the party! :-)

*this post currently last*

Priceless Punky, Priceless!

Touche, bangi, touche.

These guys are Nicaraguan. I wonder if they're familiar with the term "chutzpah"? This lawyer's got in, in truckloads. Love it.

Anybody click on the "Couples Grow Fat Together" link? I always thought marrige was fattening, but now we know for sure.

Hmm..maybe that's what the cheerleader that went to school with me shoulda done when they found crack in her car. Dumbass.

This is my favorite excuse yet.

Dan Gross anagrams to "Gross Dan."

Now we know what makes the chicken so subservient. Some reward!!

That's incredible, Doug! Where did you get that anagramming program?

I wrote the program myself.

"Iviorienne" is an extremely difficult one, for example. What I do is, I line up the letters alphabetically, like this: EEIIINNORV

Three I's is a major, major problem with this garbage. You have to look at "vinier" as a possibility, leaving EINO, but those four letters don't give us any words (in the English language). Try to create versatility by saving the easy-to-use letters. This is a highly awkward situation, because we're dealing with so many duplicates. So my best suggestion is: "I rein ovine." It's not the best anagram ever, but there isn't much to work with in this case.

So there you are, Iviorienne. Is that French, by the way?

Nice try "an alien" but our Doug's a Master! First convert your clicky-name to key-strokes, then jest set back and watch! :-)

heh heh, Master Brockmeier may just beat you to the post and use your last! ;-)

Doug? Sir Brockheimer, sir? Not that you need my help, but I'm gonna suggest turning "an alien"'s response into alt-numbers, then presumptive letters...WHEE! Should be interesting! :-)

You complaining alex?! :-)

IS that bad thing if I am rubbing off on people alex? :P

Like I really needed permission, alex? ;)

Ahh, the old blame it on the cock defense.

It IS what gets most men in trouble, Chaz.

we must resist the urge to post a series of lawyer jokes....

btw...big tragedy last week....busload of lawyers went over a cliff killing all aboard.

Unfortunately, there were two empty seats on the bus...

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