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April 21, 2004


You just need to develop better study habits.

(Thanks to Marisol Maldonado)


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Learning is a lifetime challenge. Bring on the beefcakes!

It's amazing how my concentration has suddenly improved!! Judi, you are a genius!!

Have I mentioned Marmite?

What does OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G mean?

Judi-- u've changed my life forever.
*tears of joy*
now i can combine study and more study...mmmm...studies...

only if you don't want your mom to think you're (not your) gay

there is a sudden concentration of drool on my wristrest


Oh No! Now the ladies will outsmart us! ;-)

DAVE! Anything like this for us guys!!!! :-)

So, Judi, Dave's out of the office today, right?

Yeah, but notice he doesn't let you see his tiny feet.

Oh yea... like that number 1. Reminds me of those organic bananas. Can't be beat!

Oh yea... I like that number 1. Reminds me of those organic bananas. Can't be beat!

OMG I'm never going to forget about Pangea again. Although they needn't impose the number one it the picture was a little farther back.

I approve! And Eadn, who's to say the ladies hadn't already outsmarted the guys? ;)

At least they could attempt to spell the Philippines correctly.

Did anyone else notice the imprint of an organ on the belly of the gorgeousman with the question: During the time of the dinosaurs, how many continents were there on the Earth's surface?

I am on the floor under my desk with Punky!

Can somebody please let me know what "OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G" stands for? I remember when the category was started, but I forgot what the abbreviation means.

Leetie, you just like #1 because he looks like he's about to do a little penile stretching, right?

Thanks for the appropriate study guide alex! It's hard jest tryna keep up!

MeL, "is a puzzlement" Name that movie and check yer linguistics at the English class door! ;-)

heh heh, Sweet MeL I'm really only joking, all things being equal, but I find the lasses to be the better half in my estimation! :-)

'S'OK, alex, when Punky comes for you, I'll stand right behind you wearing Kevlar! ;-)

OK, so what IS the chief export of Russia? If it's hunky men I'm moving hahaha!!

I WAS kidding BTW.......

Thanks for the popsicle Punky, I was so exhausted I had to sleep it off and come back in the morning for more.

Thanks, Alex! I didn't know that Nicaragua's leading export was thongs.

The preemption of state regulatory authority across a range of areas is a significant theme of the recommendations in the Treasury Department’s Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure.

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