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April 22, 2004


Dave & Judi,

Big fan of your columns, books, and blog.� In fact, I think your blog is the funniest darn thing on the Internet.

When you upgraded/moved, I wasn't crazy about the whole comments thing.� But I've learned to love it (and even post my own occasionally).� It does teeter on the edge of going completely out of control -- which I guess is reflective of your blog as a whole.

But please, please, PLEASE: Stop these crazy people from doing the whole "first" thing when they are first post.� (Or not first post.� Then they can post again and say "oh darn, I was second."� Then they all keep posting about how they were "third."� And on and on it goes.)

I mean honestly.� Get a life!

I think a good solution would be for Judi to move the comment of the person who writes "first" in the first post into second place.� The resulting outcry would be so worth it!



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Second post.

First! (Not that I care, I just like to annoy those people that do care!)


Dang, Second! And fourth?

Somewhere in the top ten!

Yuk yuk

DOH! Ah, well, didn't really care about being first, but it's always fun to get someone's panties in a wad.


Get used to it. It's a common, albeit sophomoric, trend at many blogs. Much like the folks that wave maniacally and yell "hi, Mom!" whenever a TV camera is pointed at them, jerks posting for the sake of being "first!" are an unplesant fact of life.

Wait isn't Garret only like 16? We're his elders..shoot we can do what we want! ;) *We got nothin but luv 4 ya Garret!*


Hi Mom!

Ok, Ok. Tenth and, oh, a bunch more.

I'm pretty sure there's an outpatient program at the clinic for these types.

At least there is no mooning or flashing on this blog. That would be disgusting and would set back family values for 100 years.

F. Hurst. Sidcup, Kent

Punky, don't forget God. Without his devine providence, you could have been 8th and 10th respectively.

Garrett - are you really only 16? In that case, you should be doing your HOMEWORK instead of spending your time at this blog.

And hon, develop a thicker skin. Life is going to throw a lot of crap your way in the years to come, and if your shorts get in a knot over something like this, you ain't gonna make it.

You know Dave knew exactly what would happen when he posted this. In fact, I'm sure he's encouraging it!

What's wrong with eighth and tenth?

I'm not your mom but, Hi Lee! ::waves::

Hi MeL!

FIRST on the bottom for 5...4....3....2.....

Pig Pile??

25th. And nothing else.

We have a baskin robbins 31 flavors..

however no pig piles...dog pile perhaps?


my dog just beat me up! ow..

THANK YOU ALL!!! Dave, judi, and Garret included!

I was in a bad mood about a personal problem, checked in to get my mind off my sh*t and saw this post! Oh, the laughs!

I'm down to just smilin' goofily now, but Thanks again! :-)

I just wish I was 35th... :-(

so this is what 41?

I wish I was 21 :)

Can't take a little healthy competition?


Hola, eadn! Come on in, I think it's about 'rita time, whadda ya say punky?

and then some!

and then some!

I say tomato, you say Tamato. Whatever. :)

MeL, we wish you were 21, too!

Does anyone really say tamato?

Fifty-Two! Though I don't look a day over 17...

52! And Dang glad I'm not there yet!

Lovely 'Rita, Meter Maid, glad you got over that married thing! I had a bad case of that a little while ago... But I got better! Margarita's for everyone, on me!

Lee is 21.

heh heh

heh heh heh heh

Thanks Lee :-) I gotta stick to beer for a little while, but Let The Party Carry On!!!!

'spose this post is mark 'twain ;-)


56? And did anyone notice that rita2398 just happened to be the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Me? 21? Only if you're as old as the person you feel... Oh wait, that was a dream...

Now if I would only act at least 21...

Don't do it, The squire! They don't call her 'punky' for nothing!

I say tamato.

WooHoo! Sixty-Third post!

WooHoo! Sixty-Third post!

First! Oh, wait...

Oops, apparently I hit "Post" twice.
Now I will comment on it.

Geez, there's no rule that you have to read the comments section. You could keep yourself safe and secure by choosing not to read them, Garret.

Momanon...I kinda wish you were last...



69th, but whose counting?


69th, but whose counting?


I'm so excited about that number that I posted

First Bold Post!!!!!

Three quarters! Hooray- that's enough for a candy bar!

Ok, punky, but I thought TheSquire should know what he's getting into!

Genevieve, don't buy it. This was a setup, pure and simple. Garrett and Dave knew that posting this would create a wild, random out-of-control comments section. Much like anything else Dave or judi posts.

Ok, everyone, get with the program. The goal is to get eadn to shoot beer out his nose...

OK! evil little pixie! What kind of candy bar would you like? ;-)

Good! Luck! Lee!

Coffee, water, the occasional soda pop maybe, but beer?!!!!

No. That travels down faster than the handbasket to Hell! :-)

Oh fer cryin' out loud. For the sake of this blog, let's hope this post is:


Yeah, fat chance of that. :-)


Oops! Posted on the wrong post! ;-)

This comment thread is the blogging equivalent of contemplating your own navel.

I'm finding lint that's more interesting than this. :-)

It's a sad fact that on any website, anywhere, with a comments option, there will always be people to call out what number comment they are. ...I think it originated at Elfwood, but it could just be something that's always been and always will be...

Ah yes, Lee, the wily ways of engineering humor are widespread and varied.
Don't worry, I am laughing about this.

In the end
And with the trend
I dare say Dave and judi have collaborated yetagain

Once more
Through post of sore
They have indicated that what goes around, may come around some more

From all the settings of the sun
And with the range of debate that's been done
Our leaders have made it clear
That one only need fear
Being a flaming asshole troll and getting ripped a new one!

Oops! Wrong post again! Should've put it down in the poetry post. Oh well, Kudos again to Dave and judi for such fine theatre and orchestration! :-)


I rule!

First anagram post!

Dave Munger = Guam Vender


Yeah Garret, like Judi has nothing better to do with her time. You know she's too busy looking for scantily clad hunks to feature to make the ladies drool.

Ninetieth post, and the first one with a 2 digit number spelled out.


So I'm not 88th? Rats.

Pig Pile (Hi, Punky) wbagnfarb. So would Guam Vender.

Jacob, I'm confused. Was that the highest note on the piano or the lowest ;-)

Leetie, You're a sweetie and my anagrams have always turned into a can 'o worms so I won't even try! :-)

Am I the only one who thinks that it would just be "crazy" to be "88"th?

I bet nobody's posting cause they wanna be 100... well I'll take 95

I bet nobody's posting cause they wanna be 100... well I'll take 95

I bet nobody's posting cause they wanna be 100... well I'll take 95

I bet nobody's posting cause they wanna be 100... well I'll take 95


One hundred

One Hundred and One Dalmatians!



Excuse me for repeating myself!

Me, who am about to be drunk, SALUTE YOU!!!!

*Whoops!* *stumble* *crash* ;-)


The "Crazy 88" are all dead thanks to the bride, Query!

Fark.com also has a bunch of comments links to bizarre news items and has been doing it for quite a while now. They also had a problem with dorks posting "First post!", so they set up a filter where submission of the words "first post" caused the post to be time-stamped two hours in the future, so the post would appear well down into the thread, quite far from the first post position. Also, the filter changed the words from "first post" to "boobies."

Perhaps similar remedies are in order here. How filter-savvy are your web lackeys, Dave?

26974863936th! Well, not yet, but it will be!

heh heh

heh heh heh heh heh

GDogg, ya missed yer point on the post! Done sprayed to make the grass grow greener er yellower er Dave nor judi give a dam! :-)

Nice try though! ;-)

Jiggly! my cup runneth over and spilled! May jest haveta fill my "FIRST!" again!

People! Stay on topic!




twin tea


How about this: The person who posts next is a tool.


And a free tool

I really do rule!

PS - Next post eats giant weiners

Lee, just enjoy the fact that I am at least over 18. ;)

*tags MeL*

Tag. You're it!

Aww! No fair...no one told me we were playing a game!

Life itself is a game, Mel

oh, and One Hundred Twenty-Eight!

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