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April 29, 2004


Now they're trying to tell us we can't even pretend to be a Hawaiian princess!

(Thanks to Alex Danchanko)


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That truly is very upsetting news to me...

Mommy, I wanna be a princess!

Boy am I in trouble.

I wonder if being called a "princess" by my friends would count.

It's kind of like when two people call themselves husband and wife, when not married means that they are, in fact, commonlaw married in some states.

Her attorneys claimed she was suffering from an "irrational insistence upon an identity that is not her own."

Oh, IIUAITINHO. Is it cureable? I had an uncle who thought he was the Mayor of Hootersville.

Go Alex, go! Doesn't it feel great to see your name on the Blog Credits. Now, we all know your last name~ Congrats!

UMMMM, I'm Bill Gates!

Alex, you didn't tell us you were a nice Ukrainian boy.

I am pro-Ukrainian.

Danchanko is Ukrainian, right?

Sigh..too bad you are too young for me...


Danchanko - sounds so James Bondish.

Book-em Danchanko!

Hawaii-50! Har!

Alex, that's not stalking, that's dating. Stalking is when you have change your routes and hide in the house a lot. Stalking is when you fear for the life of your pet rabbit (unless, of course, he's got big, pointy teeth.)

Oh I see. So alex gets a story credit and all of a sudden he's Alex? Heh, heh, Mr. Bigshot. Mr. Capital first letter. Let's not stop there. How about Mr. Alex? How's that sound?

(Seriously: Hats off, dude. But remember, only a few days left until that bastard Jeff Meyerson returns!)

Well at least I won't have to shoot everyone named Alex that my daughter might show up with. I can ask for last names first. Then shoot.


You're just mad 'cause you didn't get first post.

Let the games begin...
*cackles malevolently*

Mr. Alex: Danchanko rules as a last name.

Danchanko. Danchanko. Dan-chanko.

It seriously sounds like the super-suave foil to James Bond. Sadly, you get killed in the final five minutes. But you do get to have your way with the inappropriately named female before that happens.

And this is what I get for going to my son's baseball game. I miss the new posts! I sit at work all day hitting refresh on the blog and Dave waits now! Curse you, Dave Barry!!!!!

I agree, Garret. Danchenko is a sweet last name.

(thinks about this)

Alex, can we get married?

ARGH! No offense meant by the typo, Alex Danchanko.

Paging MeL....

Hey alex, I hope that Kevlar outfit I got you fits!

Congratulations on making The Dave Blog proper! :-)

In other news, it appears Bloglit identity-theft is also on Dave's to-do list, so Rest Easy Everyone! ;-)

Thanks Dave!

Too bad that gorgeous wedding dress on eBay is already sold...

eadn: No offense to Dave, but he's a guy.

The fact that something has made his to-do list means basically: Nothing.

Garret, guy-to-guy I'd agree with you, but go figure, the cost of dissed-recognizance may just mean more than either "us" or "them" know!

I wonder if they would believe me if I said I was a ballerina.


Ok, Donald Trump?

No, wait, he probably owes them money.


Danchanko sounds like a jump in figure skating. But it's only cool if the skater can do a triple Danchanko.

Hey Garret, I'm back, so watch it!

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