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April 25, 2004


Three decades of streaking.

(Thanks to Stephen Soymonoff)


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I got to see this guy live at the Superbowl earlier this year. What a dweeb.

Fitting name for the birthlace of steaking.

Then Ms. Nicholls performing cartwheels across the pitch. Sounds painful.

Twickenham?? the birthplace of streaking? You've got to be kidding.

Oh I see! It's the birth-lace of streaking. Makes perfect sense now.

No, no, no Pattie......"steaking"

*mumbles to himself*

God, I gotta learn how to type.

Steaking sounds lucrative, bbq beef?

Did I spell that right?

Ummm...the thought of barbeque and streaking at the same time brings to mind possibly painful consequences.

Just goes to show that if you put your manhood out too far, you'll get it bobbied! ;-) :-)

I would have been more impressed if the bobby hat would have been able to stay there without the officer holding on to it.

Punky, but they do seem to have him well wrapped up, huh?! :-)

I can't believe that the first time anyone ever ran around naked in public was only 30 years ago. Really? Or is that just the beginning of documented naked running around in public because before that there was shame involved?

Shame and probably lots of alcohol.

It was a chilly night in February, 1975. Some friends and I were standing in the lobby of a small local movie theater (back in the days before multiplexes, when there was only one movie showing), waiting to buy tickets for some movie.

Suddenly a nude guy with an equally nude (and pretty well-endowed) girl on his shoulders went dashing through the lobby and out the other door of the theater, then into a car that sped away. My impressionable adolescent mind was reeling. Did I just see what I thought I saw? Cool!

As I recall, that show was better than the movie. It sure got the place buzzing.

Didn't the streaking stuff start when Hair was born?

I had forgotten about that song. There must have been a shift in the universe in 1974 that turned people from peace/love/dove to shameless attention-seeking behavior ala streaking. What do you suppose the big event was in 73/74?

I think it had something to do with the psychological repercussions from having to listen to "Seasons In The Sun" over and over again.

Probably The Partridge Family had some influence.

Could have been backlash against all that Partridge wholesomeness.


It seems to me that Australians taking credit for streaking is the same as Chekov on Star Trek always claiming that Russians invented this or that. Down under indeed.

I wonder if they have streaking conventions. Share tips about how to evade security, compete for longest streaking time, or actually practice streaking. I think it'd be worth their time to run a streak marathon, or even a parade of streakers. Organize, people.

I'm thinking the idea of not having tv cameras follow streakers to deter people from trying it is just asking for someone to spite whoever came up with the idea. If I were the kind of person who would streak (which I'm not..at least sober) I would see if I could find a camerman who perhaps wasn't totally with it just to see if I could get some tv time. But then again whoever said my ideas made sense?

Last night I had that recurring nightmare again, finding myself naked in public... and then it hit me: "Now I get it... I'm streaking!"

And then the dream didn'd scare me anymore. I ran around happy, and was even a bit disappointed when I woke up from the dream.

So I got up and walked out of the house, fully dressed... and found that everybody ELSE was walking around naked! Too late I realized I was stuck in the "being dressed in a naked public" nightmare!!!

T'was a sad day indeed for Princeton in 1999

I remember watching the girl's dorm streaking, they would wear towels around their hair, and you really couldn't recognize them because of that.

Well, not sure my eyes made it up as far as the towell for very long.

Guys running just looked silly.


Re: the streaking convention

We should find out when and where the next one is, then dare someone to run though it fully clothed.

Re: streaking conventions

I think we should find out when and where the next one is, and then dare someone to run through it fully clothed.

Eww... that's not right!

don't see a lot of hot female streakers nowadays, do ya??

Creeping fascism - Being a resident of the great and sovereign State of Georgia, let me assure you the legislature regularly passes bills which attempt to intrude in business in which government does not belong. Fortunately there will be no funding for the "Genital Piercing Police" so it will be yet another unenforcible statute cluttering up the books.

In addition anyone who opens a Genital Piercing Parlor here is going to starve to death for lack of customers, anyway.


All you have to do is answer "yes" to all the questions. I could've done that.

Mm...if they're worried that much about female genital mutilation maybe they should travel to Africa and find out what they do. Eesh.

MeL - I think they started out to make the practice in Africa a felony here. (It's done across the Middle East too), but some legislator, having heard about such piercings, said "And I don't think they oughta be piercin' them thangs neither." His associates, fearing to appear less than righteous to their constituents, voted right along with him.

The original bill was probably a good thing before the amendment.

Pogo - are tattoos legal in Georgia (they aren't in most of Oklahoma)? If so, you can bet they are doing this as well. Anywhere there is a college (or high school, or junior high...)

Not that I would hang out with any of that type of...well, I guess by the time you find that out, its a little late for that to be an issue.

And HI MeL! (which, I assume, is a completely different topic), if this is illegal, what was done to that poor dog on your blog should be a capital offense!

Jabba - tattoos are legal in Georgia, and tattoo parlors are common. Since I have never been interested in tattoos or piercing, I may have lead a sheltered life about what is being pierced.

I don't care whether you (that's the generic "you") do those things, but "you" have to not care that I think it's stupid.

dj, I believe you. After all the max was 700 and your posts have indicated you've had quite a variety of life.

I only made it about halfway, but I'm OK with that.

Pogo - Never said I disagreed with you - it IS stupid! Just even more so to make it illegal.

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