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April 25, 2004


This is probably a good thing.

(Thanks to Louis)


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AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! My Eyes!! My Eyes!!
Curse you Dave Barry!

I am sure this nerd is a friend of Louis and Gilbert over at Adams College.


I think this is great. Especially the explanation of his character being an overweight accounting program. I wish he could have done more with the lights and less with the unitard...eek.

One additional lesson to learn, which shows he must not have looked in a mirror - WEAR A CUP!

What possessed him to take SIDE VIEWS of himself in a unitard???

*shudder* the mind boggles...

Princess Worm Kidney: you know your name wbagnfarb.

Get Mr. Barf Bag, 'cause no one needs to see Mr. Unitard (also wbagnfarb) this early on a Sunday morning.

One more hint to Mr. Unitard: Fan Pants.

Actually, it's not nearly as disturbing as that "Always a Kid" guy that CD shared with us yesterday. Now THAT was sick; this is just kind of sad.

"and afterwards, a very nice portrait:"

Um, no.

It bears repeating...there is a VERY fine line between a hobby and mental illness.

Oldies but goodies

Thank god I'm hungover, and probably won't remember that horrid image in a few hours. Hopefully.

I'm not really sure how to say this delicately, but I'll try: In the view of him in the green tinted tights is the strangest looking posterior I've ever seen. In fact, it looks to me like the front view of a female, if you know what I mean.

This cotume is Great! FOR ME TO POOP ON!!

Baby sure don't have back!

thr's much to be said for individual rights
and more to be said for individual wrongs

Lmd33 ... I noticed the camel toe as well.

But the most pressing question on everyone's mind ... is that suit machine washable?

Who made coffee and who wants to pour me a cup?


Camel toe - I like that. :)

Men in unitards, men in skirts, men in tights.

It's all wrong.

Nuff said.

Oh, here Punky. ~D)

*hands Punky a mug of Columbian Roast*


"Wednesday morning, after allowing it to dry overnight, I tried it on to see what problems needed fixing:"

A good place to start would be between the pockets, laddy. On second thought, from the look of things, there's already been some fixing done down there.

Holly Sh*t! That was not what I needed to see first thing in the morning. Punky, I'm having a shot of Bailey's in my coffee. In fact, *here's one for everybody.*

AAAGGHH, the purity of my Sunday has been soiled! What is it about certain men that gives them no shame in wearing things like that? No overweight women would be caught dead wearing a tight unitard.

holy smokes!!! my eyes! they're melting!!! this reminded me of our halloween murder parties (every halloween my buds and i are part of this murder club. we turn a friend's house into whatever latest nightmare then kill off all the guests). all of us were obsessed with our costumes. this was years ago. we have stopped buying all that carrageenan for ghost entrails. we have marriages now, jobs even. that's why it's called growing up.

That's just WRONG!

If I hadn't just recently seen a grown man in a Sailor Venus costume, I would say that this is the most disturbing costume ever.
No, scratch that, this IS the most distrubing costume ever. At least Sailor V had a painstakingly done costume. This guy is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my natural life.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Oh, that was too funny! All a guy really needs is three...ur, Ken might not notice but I...um...I think I'll just stop now. Time for another shot of Bailey's!!!!

did anybody else notice that this guy kinda looks like milton from Office Space

Nice testicle outline, buddy.

OK, now I get the "unitard" comments in the skortman posts.

Now I wish I didn't.

Now I think I'll head back down to the barf bag collector for a few minutes ;-)

Bangi wakes up from coma...who's got the baileys?


Holy smokes.

This may be the single saddest thing I've seen on the Internet.

Totally...tho I must say I think Milton's 10x cooler.

clothes ,desk and hair seem to make milton alot less harmful.
*sipping bailey thoughtfully*

Punky, please rest easy, I think Dave was too busy to post yesterday. So he's making it up by "hurling some stuff up" today ;-)

Hurling is definately something that comes to mind after seeing this, eadn.

I got your Bailey's right here, Bangi! Holy smokes, we're on here at the same time? Are you staying up late, or what?

That is an eery resemblance, punky. But I haven't seen Office Space yet. Very, very bad of me, since I actually live in Austin! Ok, now it's next on my Netflix queue.

LEE! How could you have NOT seen Office Space?? It's like only the greatest movie ever.

It's not just that this guy DID this.

It's that he actually put a lot of thought into it, planned it, looked at himself and the uniform at every stage, and STILL did it.




MeL, I know, I know! It's even more remarkable because I'm such a movie geek! Netflix say's I have rated 1082 movies, which means I actually remember watching over 1000 movies. And I have 82 movies in my queue. What a geek! When it came out I was having some kind of anti-Jennifer Aniston thing, but I got over it. If she's good enough for Brad Pitt, she's good enough for me! ;-)

I'm anti-Jennifer Aniston just because she annoys me...but the movie is so worth it just because of Milton! :)

Yup, she used to annoy me to no end. She still gets on my nerves, but I don't seem to catch Friends as often, so my neck hair doesn't automaticly stand up. It takes a bit of time. (slight movie misquote, can anybody name the movie?)

Somebody needs to get this person a Subservient Chicken costume for Halloween instead.

Maybe he IS the Subservient Chicken...Hmm, maybe somebody should ask the chicken to "do TRON."

Maybe not.

"Princess Worm Kidney: you know your name wbagnfarb.

Get Mr. Barf Bag, 'cause no one needs to see Mr. Unitard (also wbagnfarb) this early on a Sunday morning."

Who's wbagnbarf? I have no clue. Actually this screen name is a childhood nickname, translated into English...

Princess? Jeff meant he thought your name "Would Be A Good Name For A Rock Band" (wbagnfarb). Dave Barry has a list on his website proper and Jeff was complimenting your moniker :-)

Nice toe, dude.


Is it just me, or did his "package" take on a greater "shipping weight" as the costume got more elaborate?

Not that I looked

ow, OW, OOOWWWW, my eyes!

Careful! Dave may get a letter from Unitard Man whining about how we are being insensitive to him and his "hobby".

Come to think of it ... I think Unitard Man and Tinky would make a great couple!

Let's email them and set up a date!

If you ask me, that guy's "Lessons Learned" section is nowhere near as long as it should be!

He does have nice legs though.

The lightup part of the costume was actually pretty cool - although underwear (or better yet, a cup) would have been a great idea.

He (they?) also don't know crap about photography - when they turned off the flash (to capture the suit lights) they should have used a tripod.

And how long was this convention thingie he went to? How did he expect to go the terlet?

Love that smug look - he is the coolest dork on the planet.

It also reminds me of a great MST3K episode - "Prince of Space" - a Japanese movie featuring chubby, chicken-beaked humanoid aliens with clinging uniforms and no underwear, flaunting their one-inch weiners at the camera, much to the discomfiture of Mike and the bots.

Harry P

Shudder - reminds me of that comedic bit by Jeff Foxworthy, in which he talks about men with no butts looking like a frog standing on his hind legs wearing double knit trousers. ... or like this fellow here.

I resent that - I am "the coolest dork on the planet."

I'm just glad Dave isn't sophisticated enough to see nothing wrong with this.

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