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April 21, 2004


Wacky fun at the nuclear plant.

(Thanks to Nathan Foutch)


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Isn't that one of the signs of the apocalypse?

This definitely sounds like hazing to me.

Didn't realize you had to be initiated to work at power plants.

On a side note I went to school with a guy named Bart, AND his dad worked at a nuclear power plant.

Just thought you'd like to know.

you mean she WANTS to be a physicist? yeesh.


HAHAHA, what if there was an emergency while she was in the ice-bucket?

Hey, I didn't like her slam at ANIMAL HOUSE, a great movie. Maybe if they had put a dead horse in her office I could understand her complaint.

Hey, if you worked for Mr. Burns wouldn't you make your own fun?

I think I'd shove HIM into the ice bucket JM!

No alex. Barry Manillow is the catalyst for the apocalypse.
But we haven't figured out how to stop him yet.

Maybe we should slam him into the ice-bucket.

Can you see these guys dreaming up this prank?

"Hey guys, know what would be funny? If we shoved HER in the ice bucket!...yeah, let's do it!..whisper, whisper, hee, hee, hee...Hey LADY! come over He-ere...ha, ha, ha, get her...har, har, har"

Then they got fired, sheesh, what is the world coming to? It was a clean prank (involving several injuries).

"an ice basket used to cool the plant in an emergency."

I'm so happy to know that nuclear power plants in America have sophisticated safety devices in case of emergencies. I'll bet those Ruskies wish they had had an ice basket or two around to have prevented the Chernoble melt down.

You really couldn't use cement in a good working prank.
Too much risk involved.

Here's Homer in a few years

As someone pointed out, an anagram for nuclear is unclear

Just slip on this baby and you'll be okay

If you don't mind looking like this

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