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April 30, 2004


Would a man do this?

(Thanks to Steve Regn)


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Hmm, burning trailer, gun...all he needs is a few dogs to make the ensemble complete.

Oh, and I finally get to say *FIRST*!!

Darn...I wish I had thought of that. Though I didn't have a trailer...just the furniture.

Congrats Angie...second or thirtd...depending on howlong this takes

They just forgot to give a count of the empty cans of beer around the man....

See, I don't think he thought this all the way through. Now she won't get the trailer or anything in it, sure. Now she'll just have to settle for the gun and the pickup....

"... were trying to contact the man's wife to see if she was listed as an owner. If she is, the case would be presented to the district attorney for possible criminal charges ...".

If not the guy gets off? I'm no lawyer, but I would think there's a law against burning down your own trailer too.

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C ----- Nuff said

*Strikes up the Deliverance theme song on the Banjo.*

We's wacky people, Alex.

Although Deliverance, BMX, took place in Georgia.

Garret "I'm no lawyer, but I would think there's a law against burning down your own trailer too."

For residents outside a city area, they're allowed to burn trash.

Sheriff's spokesman said it best: "As far as the house is concerned, it's his property, he can do anything he wants with it."

I'm reminded of a man in West VA. a few years back who bulldozed his house to keep his wife from getting half! I've been looking, but can't find a news link, as it did happen a good while back.

Garret, in most rural areas, like "in the county" where I live outside Nashville, just plain folks can have what is called a "controlled burned". You can have a burn barrel for trash, you can burn old wood, etc., and if its your property, you can burn it. Some counties require you call the local volunteer fire department before you burn to inform them, otherwise somebody will pull the fire bell and everybody has to get off their tractors and run to the firehouse~it is a requirement up in the holler, however, that any dead vehicle/appliance or plumbing equipment must be placed in the front yard and petunias be planted in them as a decorative yard ornament! Country livin'~

"Although Deliverance, BMX, took place in Georgia.- mike

Yeah, well the last time I drove up the east coast from Florida I detected almost no decernable difference until I got to Maryland. This includes driving west until Oklahoma.

Okay, now we're all country hicks. Figures when Rocky Mount makes the national news it's got to be a "you might be a redneck if" story!

Hmmmmmmm. Anybody have a few spare gas cans?

Everything he worked so hard for was in his burning trailer?

I can't believe his wife left him.

Bangi, clearly his wife got the bottom half....

Maybe he thought his wife was in the trailer.

why didnt he just bulldoze his ex's half!!??
stupid man!
Posted by: Bangladeshi_gurl on April 30, 2004 01:56 PM

Because then she would get half of his half, silly. :)

BMX3--you went up the coast by way of Oklahoma? Would that be the Middle Coast? ;-)

What does a tornado have in common with a redneck divorce?

Someone is going to lose a trailer.

It was brilliant whether it was against the law or not. Clearly, this type of irrational behavior is a byproduct of our court system. He knew she would get "half" which in court linguanese means everything except whatever she doesn't want. And if the trailer isn't insured, she doesn't get shit. MEN truely do get the raw end of the deal on divorces. Hopefully, he spent all of their money as well.

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