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April 25, 2004


On the Fourth of July, when women are making potato salad, guys are doing stuff like this.

CAUTION: There is some strong language, but there is a good reason for this.

(Thanks to Louis in Tulsa)


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I am speechless.

I am sure this nerd is a friend of Louis and Gilbert over at Adams College.


(Although, it was quite humorous to watch him dance around on fire.)

They weren't slurring their words enough to have a .3% blood alcohol level, so I don't understand this at all.

I'm going to start making salad now.

Famous last words: "Wow, that's a pretty big Roman candle right there." Duh!

Too bad JACKASS was cancelled. Good to see its influence lives on.

I can't believe I didn't see evn one bottle of beer in this video. They couldn't have been doing this sober. Nobody is that stupid! Right?

The video is disturbing, but what is more disturbing is that I actually watched the entire thing!

Heh, this reminds me of my childhood. I lived across the street from a couple of kids that were pyromaniacs. Among the things they did:

1. Set off a skyrocket that was supposed to go up in the air, but instead did a line-drive across the street and exploded on our garage door.

2. Set off a half a stick of dynamite in the street. It had a nice pothole ever since.

3. Reenacted the demise of the Hindenburg by filling up a giant mylar balloon with natural gas, then igniting a fuse connected to it. The explosion from that one busted one of our windows.

4. Reenacted Old Faithful by filling large buckets full of water, and dropping M80s into them. One time, the M80s exploded the water sideways instead of vertically, so the plastic bucket got blasted out into a million pieces.

...and other fun stuff. It was never boring living across the street from those guys around the 4th of July.

ROFL, that is just so stupid its incredible. At least they had an emergency bucket of water - DOH!!

I'm off to make potato salad. Think I could get one of those guys to take some down time and open my mayonnaise jar?

Greg you must have grown up here in Ohio..

After the last blast, the human bullseye pulls off his burning shirt. His helpful friend brings over a bucket of water and ...


How 'bout saving a little for your friend who was just on fire, Einstein?

No, even worse! The dude throws the bucket of water, basically, on his shoes, and then bumps his burned friend in the head with it.

Ah, the stupidity of some people will never cease to amaze me.

HA HA HA....Thanks for the laughs...
ROTFLMAO @ these guys

My mom is proud! Proud that I held onto the genes I was given and have never done anything remotely like this.

Holy crap.

I think I've found my role models.

It was sorta like an extremely bad Star Wars spoof in some ways

*still shaking my head in disbelief*

As a fun-seeking young man, I can definitely see where these gentlemen were coming from with this idea. But the craziest things I have done with my friends involve things like playing with fire (you know, gasoline and styrofoam make an interesting napalm-ish combination) and fireworks, and shooting things like paintball guns at each other. But this...I guess this combines those ideas. This is a level of craziness, I think I will never reach, and so I admire it.

It would have been better if William Hung had been singing "She Bangs" while they launched bottle rockets at him.

And you guys wonder why the whole civilized world thinks that you are all crazy?

*shaking head in disbelief*

He could´ve also sung "I´m on fire", choosing between The Boss and Tom Jones...

That is utter genius.

I'm glad someone else thought it up before me. I burn easily.

Dang it! No video; only audio. But the sounds of fireworks mixed with men's screaming managed to get the message across. Considering what we do to ourselves, can you believe that anyone wants us as enemy's?

This video reminds me of the last relationship I was in. The July 4th reference fits the timeline appropriately, as the woman was not performing the romantic equivalent of making potato salad at the time either.

Do you suppose it's a bad sign that the first thought to go through my mind was "I want to try this." Just wondering.

Key line: "You won't catch on fire." And he lets the guy shoot at him. And afterwards the friend laughs his head off. Ah, youth.

Gregg, I can't match your stories, but when we were kids my brother & his friends used to go up on the roof of an apartment building and throw water balloons and packs of lit firecrackers down on elderly passersby. Fortunately, no one ever had to call an ambulance, but it sounds like he would have fit in well with your ex-neighbors.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more the shooter reminds me of my brother Ken.

The guy that was shot at must have lost a bet.

Either that, or he has stones the size of Greyhound buses, or a brain the size of a quark.

It'd still be kind of a cool thing to do though.

I have one response - Y chromosone.

Female and proud!

Kai & Graz, it does look like it would be very cool. But I'd want to be the shooter rather than the crash test dummy with the fireball rolling around inside his helmet, if you don't mind.

I also loved when the genius friend poured the water on the shirt and the shooter said "on him!" so he bopped him in the head with the empty bucket. Very Three Stooges.

If 'tossing your salad' is a kinky term, what does 'making potato salad' mean?

Wow! I know what I'm doing this Fourth of July. I'm with Jeff on this one; I'm not going to be the target. Luckily, I know just the man. One of my friends will do anything. Another Jeff, coincidentally.

Heh Jeff, firecrackers and pacemakers. Probably not a good combination...

I remember another episode with one of those "spinners." These were those cardboard things that had about eight fireworks on them in a circular array, with a small hole in the middle. You nail it to a tree and light it, and it spins like crazy on the tree. The kind the guys across the street got were special from Mexico (read: NOT safe and sane), and they were really huge and a lot more powerful than the wimpy USA ones.

Anyway, they nailed it to the tree, but not well enough. You can figure out what happens next. The thing reaches an amazing level of RPMs, then flies off the tree. It actually started flying horizontally rather than vertically, like some nightmare Frisbee. We all had to get out of the way of thing, which continued flying down the street for about half a block.

Ah, the good old days!

*Female and proud!*

When my darling boys were pre-teens, they blew up the toilet in our basement with bottle-rockets.

Dad was going to use the toilet one day and there was no water in it. Seemed odd to him so upon closer investigation, he realised that someone had tried to caulk a very large crack running all across the bottom of the bowl.

It took quite a while to find out what happened and we really didn't get the whole story.

That is, not until years later after our boys had married and moved away. Dad hired one of their friends who had staying overnight at the time of the explosion. He couldn't wait to share one of his best childhood memories.

Idiots all of them.

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