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April 29, 2004


...for whoever invented this.

(Thanks to Tom Chaudoir)


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I.C. myself being able to "nurse" a beer for a much longer timeframe.

Any scientists reading? You need to invent a beer to painlessly inject itself into my bloodstream. Scratch that, make it Vodka.

Now that's a cool invention! Har.

Cookie I will get right on that....

When an engineer gets his priorities straight the results can be awesome!

And this from a country known for liking its warm beer. Go figure.

Some people have far too much time on their hands. Although I applaud the effort. "I C happy alcoholics" (sorry I had to)

I saw this gizmo put to the test on Tech TV's Unscrewed. It didn't work for them in San Francisco so it sure as heck ain't gonna work in Texas.

Punky's method is universally the best.

"A thousand dollars is worse than a thousand sausage wieners." -- Me

"I C happy alcoholics" anagrams to--this is a really good one, so get ready--"a calcic philosophy."

Yes, Mike! Strong Bad is the man!

I am so excited I think I just wet myself.

P.S. as a gal who grew up in Pittsburgh I can confidently say that any battle I.C. Light picks is a losing one....tastes like....well imagine something nasty...

"From the glass lined tanks of old Latrobe...."

That would be a battle worth the ticket price.

Every summer in Latrobe, PA there is a marathon. The prize, you ask? A keg of beer. Damn. If only I could run in circumstances beyond those involving me being chased.

Can self-cooling cans be recycled?

Wow, someone else who knows about the Rolling Rock 5K! When I tell people I'm originally from Latrobe, the ones who recognize the name invariably do so because of the brewery. From this, I can discern that these people A)actually drink the awful stuff, which none of the locals appear to do, and B)like it enough to drink it slowly enough to read the label. Weird.

What, beer gets warm? I guess I've never had one long enough to know.

I always get broken beers. Within 5 minutes the stinkin' things are empty.

All you really need is a naked houseboy to keep your drinks cold, you just say:

Naked houseboy? My drink is no longer cold!

And he will frolic to the fridge to freshen your fermentation. An added benefit is the terrific scenery while all this takes place.

Freshen your fermentation? I don't even want to know what that means...


--cool your cocktail when alliterating with C but I was alliterating with F

You had me at "naked houseboy."

To answer the question: We make Bangi_Gurl sizzle! :-)

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