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April 21, 2004


It's time for: The Head-Lice-Killing Game!

(Thanks to Dale Smith)


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You can't kill two lice with one click.

Definitely the most fun I've ever had with lice...

I am even more relieved to have never experienced cooties.

That's disgusting. And how come there's only two levels?

Because any more levels and you'd start to have that crawly feeling on your scalp ALL DAY and no one wants that...

What a lousy game.

The game may be licey but Punky's story does bring back memories...kids are so mean to each other.....LICE HEAD!

This looks like the Democratic answer to the Republicans' Tax Invaders game.

Does anyone notice there are only 2 levels?

Does anyone notice there are only 2 levels?

Does anyone notice redundancy?

more fun with head lice (and other cute little parasites!)


I hope they make a flea-zapping game next! :) Or how about a crab lice zapping game?

Now my head itches. Damn you Dave.

I like the mosquito swatting game better.

That game was way too easy! I'm going back to the zombie kittens game!

That is disgusting. But Lice Head wbagnfarb. Or how about Fun With Lice?

Crash, you're right, my head is itching now too! Nefarious Dave strikes again.

He is very good at that. We should rebel.
...or something.

OK, I've been "good" too long.

Be careful that that itchy head you're feeling isn't just a matter of licentiousness! :-)

Where's the Tax Invaders game? I missed that.

Never mind, I just found it. I'm trying to get a columnist job for the Bremerton Sun. I suppose I'll have to WRITE something, sigh.

A veterinarian I used to work for had two daughters who got head lice at the same time. She tried to kill the lice by washing with that special shampoo several times, but it just wasn't doing the trick. So out of frustration, she applied "Frontline Topspot" the flea and tick medication for pets to their scalps. Cleared it right up.
Everyone is always shocked by that, but really, it's virtually impossible for Frontline to be harmful. The lice shampoo they sell has pyrethrin in it, the more dangerous chemical that products like Frontline and Advantage replaced. They should test and market fipronil for human use.
Of course, the Frontline website says not to use it on animals other than dogs and cats. And the doctor's husband (also a vet) wasn't too thrilled about what she had done, so what do I know!

*notices calendar*

C'mere kids, time for your treatment!

Is it a coincidence that this game appeared on Dave's blog today and one of the lil kids I work with at church has lice now? HMMM

barbi, those kids should be ok........unless they start licking themselves, or horking up hairballs.

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot.
I repeat:
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot.
Do you read?
That is messed up, that could kill you.

Actually, it won't hurt you at all. I used to be in the pest control industry (my husband still is) and pyrethroids are harmless to humans unless you happen to be allergic. They are chitin inhibitors, which means that they prevent bugs from producing chitin, which is the substance that holds all their insides in when they shed their old shell during molting. Since humans don't molt and thus do not produce chitin, a chitin inhibitor has no effect on our bodies. People are just conditioned to think that pesticides are dangerous because of the old products that were mostly stomach poisons.

"That is messed up, that could kill you"
Umm, no, very unlikely. The active ingredient in Topspot (fipronil) works on the nervous system of fleas, ticks, lice, mites and the like. It does not effect mammals at all. In safety tests, one dog was given something like the equivalent of 80 does of fipronil *orally* with no ill effects. None at all. Of course, the Frontline people will never admit that the product is this safe to humans for liability reasons. And obviously I'm not suggesting that you should use the product in a way other than the packaging suggests. But there's no reason to stroke out. If getting Frontline on your skin killed people, I'd definately be dead now. Maybe the stuff is carcinogenic over long periods of time or in high doses, but there is no evidence that it is at this time. From now on I dub thee "Knee-jerky".
Edelweiss: I think I was thinking more of permithrins than pyrethrin, but I've seen both of these chemicals kill cats. Don't really know about their effect on humans.

Who's the target audience for this game? Ma and Pa Kettle?

You have to be carefull when the children are sharing hats and other garmets with each other.


head lice are not dangerous and not spread the disease, but they are contagious and can be tedious. Their bites may

be the baby's head is itchy and inflamed and persistent scratching may cause skin and even infection.


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