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April 30, 2004


This woman AND her mother.

(Thanks to Elaine Harder and Steve)


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Actually, Dave... I think she already HAS a Florida Driver's License. Well, she's from Florida, anyway.

Well, at least she could use the HOV lane.

Um.... And then I actually READ the article the rest of the way.

So... Never mind. Shows me not to question Dave. *smacks head with humility*

" Darn it, Mom....I think it's your turn to drive for awhile".

"...other shoppers complained about the odor coming from the parked car." And that was outside! I'll bet the driver was a bit pongy inside the store as well.

Are we decomposed yet?

Maybe she didn't know her mother was dead. Old people can be pretty inanimate. Besides, after a few days in the car, anyone can get pretty smelly.

Don't you think the lack of conversation might have given her away?

And, from our favorite musical....

"Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
And your dead mom in the seat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain"

(minor editing by moi!)

Hmmmm. The officers "pieced together details . . ."


the silent treatment, huh, mom? yeah, well two can play at that game! i'm not gonna say another word to you for the rest of Mississippi, you hear me? Not another word! I mean it.

Mom, you should have gone at that rest stop like I told you. Will you at least roll down your window?

By the way, watch for our exit will ya?

And continuing Punky's continuation...

So...it's the silent treatment with stink on top, is it Mom? You really don't want to get into this with me, you know? I can stink, the hell yes I can! Stink and be silent, that's me! You're gonna wish you never shut up and started stinking, you hag!

Jeez, Mom, you really have dragon breath. Here, have a Tic-Tac.

Rewind to the beginning of the road trip....

Honey, I'm not gonna be able to come along.

But we've planned this for months! I've been looking forward to it so!

I know, but it can't be helped. You go on.

I can't go alone!

Junior - go dig up gramma.

Carl! Momma's been dead three days!

That's why they make pine scent car freshener's honey bunches! Now there's gonna be a Walmart in every town you come to.....

It could just be me, but wasn't this incident blogged a few days ago?

I don't think people drive around all the time with dead relatives in the passenger seat, but that could just be me.

Those auto deodorizers just work too damn good.

Why didn't she just tie her to the roof of the car?

- Clark Griswold

... she'd been shopping since the night before? am I the only person who thinks *that's* weird?

I think we all should feel ashamed for mocking this very sad situation. Who are we to point fingers and laugh at the misfortunate? In times like these we should band together and celebrate all that for which we are grateful.

For example, I think we should be grateful for carfax.com. Cuz when that crazy bitch come around and try to sell her car it'll say right there online: Front passenger seat once used for human compost. Cha-ching discount!

"But I don't understand, officer, this idea was just so danged knee-slappin' hilarious in 'Weekend At Bernie's!'"

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