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April 21, 2004


A major advance in the war on dog farts.

Key quote: "For a year, we said, 'No, that's stupid. Nobody would buy that for a dog.'"

(Thanks to John Dodds)

UPDATE: Rick Cablespeed notes that there is a similar product for humans.


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The first person to comment on dog farts is a dubious honor. I, uh, don't own a dog. Charcoal pants might work for other animals too...

first post!
They admitted blaming it on their dogs?

DAMMIT so close.

Wouldn't cork work just a well?

Wouldn't cork work just a well?

If they were cork, you couldn't throw them into the grill to add that distinct taste to your party's hamburgers.

"It was during that project that he realized making charcoal-lined panties for dogs might just work."

How often do journalists get to use the phrase 'charcoal-lined panties for dogs'? Far too infrequently, I'm sure.

It's like I've said all along...we Iowans have WAAAAAY too much spare time.

Also very gassy dogs Mac.

"Charcoal lined panties", "G-strings"? Sounds a lot like women's garments. Are they really for dogs or could they possibly really be for all the ladies who are still in denial? HMMM?

The ones for humans were proven in gulf combat. Wow. Although, you'd think there weould be much more to worry about than stinkers when fighting in Iraq - unless you're inside a tank, maybe. Me - I'd need Super Depends.

God invented farts so people would stay humble.

They are for VERY ugly ladies Con.

"My God! This really works!"

Charcoal-Lined Panties wbagnfarb, if they were pretty secure about themselves.

Maybe the human ones were for special forces who needed to not have scent give them away? Altho I woudl think that the noise that most males makes while farting would alert everyone in a 20 mile radius to their position before the odor ever got a chance....

Not all people from Iowa have way too much free time on our hands. Just the people that make the news. Just another reason I'm proud to be an Iowan!!

"Flatulence is part of life!"
Frank Morosky, Flatulence Guru

One hates to think how Frank became a 'flatulence guru.'

"The average person expels gas 14 times every day."

Really? Imagine being the person in the white lab coat with a counter, clicking off another count for each gaseous expulsion. "What do you do for a living?" "I'm a Fart Counter."

Looking over the Human Fart Protector site (gadzooks), I note there is a link for an audio welcome. I'm too frightened to find out what it is.

In fact, this whole thing has me feeling anxious. One good belch oughta cure it..



So, that's REALLY what's been killing our soldiers?


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