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April 23, 2004


Carstuck Girls

(Thanks to Laura Wenham)


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YES! First again! Double strike ;-)
I like time zones.

These are apparently staged. I guess if you look hard enough, you'll find someone who thinks darn near ANYTHING is a turn on...

...and someone on the internet who would be happy to provide it. Case in point.

After surfing the web for years and years, I keep telling myself I couldn't possibly be suprised by stuff like this... And then... More stuff like this comes along.

I'm waiting for the site that's all about women sitting in the doctor's office waiting room reading magazines.

Is there a skirt cam involved in that waiting room site?

you have all lead sheltered lives, haven't you?

I would consider pujrchasing a new Trail Blazer with a carstruckgirl package. I would buy a truckload of manure if a kellygirtl were thrown in.

Have you see Lester?

No, I have not see Lester. Who Lester?

Um. What? :)

I have been a lounge singer singer at the Miami Holiday Inn Express since '02. Any requests?

Max Bair and Jane Hathaway are the same person.

I fell a scrugg coming on.


What's a fetish?

just another one of those silly sexual things

This is a Sting.

So... Out of curiosity, I downloaded one of the videos on that site. It certainly is... Well, video of girls getting stuck. In one incredibly erotic scene, we see a woman in a low cut blouse trying to pull her truck out of the mud using a block-and-tackle. Another sexy scene has a blonde driver proclaiming the erotic phrase "Oh no, I seems to be stuck, I seems to be really horrible stuck!"

Does it get any better than this?

sabrina: how 'bout "Car Stuck Girl In Love"? Or, "Wheels In The Mud"?

I'm so happy that there just happened to be a camera on site to record the adventures of these damsels in distress.

*Notices another guy in Oregon*

You tryin' to muscle in on my territory, pal? Huh? Are you? Because... If you are... Oh, man...

I might just have to.. Um... Stand over there.


Don't hurt me.

I am disappointed. When I first read the link, I thought it said "catsuck girls".

I thought at first glance that it was "Carstruck Girls", as in girls who are in love with their cars. That could be fun, too.

I guess it doesn't surprise me that some one out there finds this a turn-on. It does surprise me that there is more than one.

Maybe it is just one guy, deluded into thinking there are others like him, like the chemist who thought he had a sense of humor.

Absolutely HILARIOUS...WOW..If they could have got
stuck in Ohio in the shadow of the 30ft wiener that would be mildly disturbing..but still hilarious!Also good name for a rock band(carstuck girls)

One question here... why?

Some guy in Oregon,

you spent money on this?!!?

Now I guess instead of actually helping girls stuck on the side of the road, you can do it virtually. Will we be eating virtually next? I know, I'll make a new site for women.


It will show all kinds of guys helpless in cars looking for women to come and fix them up.

Their first album could be "to the axle".

mdstfn: YES!!! are there people out there that take that site seriously?are some of you getting upset at that site? Thats like getting mad at the movie "Caddy Shack" because its disrespectful to those who take golf seriously..

The beauty of the Internet is that it can cater to relatively small special interest groups. After all , when you add them up world-wide, they can amount to a lrage group after all. Just imagine how many horny fantasy-prone tow truck operators there must be in the world "Dear Towtruck Penthouse Advisor: I never believed your stories were true..."

Not as weird as the "women sneezing" fetish, but certainly out there.

I will admit that I've been sitting here trying to think of fetishes as novel as this one. Thanks, Harry, the 'women sneezing' one was just what I was looking for.

How about dental x-rays?

Nice ... umm ... Mud!

I believe Something Awful found a fetish site of girls eating sandwiches. Grr... I wish I still had the link.

I guess this is better than Carstruck girls. That would certainly be a weird fetish.

Since they focus on the feet so much, I think this guy has a foot fetish too.

WTF is all I have to say.

Or how bout the one where they pour food all over themselves??

How about the girls of Kinko's. They copy things in really short skirts. I guess if they served wings too, it would be a hit.

I thought Carstruckgirls would be more literal: girls hit by cars. (Glad that it wasn't, btw.) If you doubt there is a website for EVERYTHING, just wait a few minutes and it will turn up here! Remember all those Shatner sings sites?

As for people sitting in the doctor's waiting room, check earthcam.com. I can't guarantee they have that one but they have tons of other things (inside of someone's closet or refrigerator, etc.). And you thought WE had too much time on our hands! (I know, we do.)

I just noticed the "store" - 1 hour videos for $50 each!!! Yow!

Ummm......OK?....I'm speechless.

Or is it clueless?

Well, this is just dumb.

Now, if they put cats and dogs in the cars, and dressed them up in people-clothes (um, as opposed to monkey clothes I guess) and then had them get out in the mud and pose playing pool, and poker, and "find kimmy's skirt".

That would be good.

Well, I at least had to check if Melanie was our MeL, but I don't think so.

MeL would probably give the car a good kick in the boot to get it unstuck!

I wonder how much these girls get paid? This is the kind of fetish video I might not mind making. Pretty harmless really. But why did those two girls start fighting in the (I think) 3rd video down? They didn't even have an arguement. They just started shoving eachother.
And I thought the chemist guy was kind of funny. I guess I'm the only one.

This is really odd.

I wonder how much money they make.

I wonder what the girls in the pictures think. "What LOSER buys this garbage"?

The following is a list of fetishes listed in yahoo under Society and Culture>Sexuality>Fetishes:
Animal Roleplaying
Ball Busting
Casts and Leg Braces
Chastity Belts
Femmes Invisibles
Lifting and Carrying
Nails, Talons, and Claws
Orthodontic Braces
Stomping, Trampling, and Crushing

My Favorite: Clowns. Mmmmmmm sexy!

What the hell if "feederism"? What are macro- and microphilia?

And clowns are evil. Everyone knows that.

I may expose myself as a total dweeb, but what is a "vore"?

For added erotic enjoyment, mix two or more from the above list, clean up, repeat.

For instance: Furry Robot Enemas.

I can't keep doing this, though. It's not very professional to be this turned on at work.

/cant get furry robot enemas off my mind

Yeah, "Stomping Plushies" works for me.

I just noticed something: Lifting and Carrying?


Oh, yeah. Vores....eewwww.

As for the plushies thing, I can't see the attraction of adopting an alter-ego and interacting with other people who don't know what you look like, or even your real name. Those (typing faster) people must be sick. What's with the anonymity? (Breating harder) Can't understand it. Doesn't make sense. Can't AHHHHHHH


(Leaves $50.00 on the keyboard)

It's very rare that I find anything that makes me feel naive, but this did it!

And these, too:
Femmes Invisibles - What is this? Getting turned on by women you can't see?
Casts and Leg Braces - Medical freak stuff?
Lifting and Carrying - Erotic movers?
Feederism - Force feeding the object of your affection?
Stomping, Trampling, and Crushing - should be a police sting site.
Furries - turned on by hairy people?

It's good to know that there are a lot of depths that I haven't sunk too.

Okay punky, I got a 305. Am I the first?

365! Punky, you didn't post your score!

The one question they should have asked:

What is the kinkiest thing you ever told the subserviant chicken to do?

Hump Himself
Hump the Couch/Chair
Hump the Rug
Shove that finger up your *ss!

I'm reminded of a quote from the old Barney Miller TV series: "Point to any item in the Sears catalog, and there's someone, somewhere, who wants to sleep with it"

mudstuffin, that was a $50 post if I ever read one! Well Done! :-)

mudstuffin, did you check yes to cybersex? I think that previous post qualified...

Lee, uh, can't do it yet. ;-)

Punky, You started it! You show us yours and I'll show you mine! :-)

In that case, I just upped my score!

The Smoking Gun is a great site!

570......on Punky's kinky test, but for those who have seen some of my previous comments, ya'll probably saw that coming, huh.

Also, see my last comment on the MOAT.

By the way, my last comment was 69.

And, for the record, I have never involved a chicken.

At least not a live one.

Graz, ya beat me by a cuntry mile! ;-) However, I won't show mine 'til Punky shows hers!

In the meantime, did you get my note on the MOAT as to them imps? The pipeline's in your courtyard now :-)

Sure did get your note, eadn.

Don't think that I need that pitchfork just yet. I'm keeping 'em going by threatening to blast BM music out the windows if they slow down.

Graz, I hadn't thoughta that...hmmm....

Those girls need help. Where's Buffo?

Good god, graz! 570, that's scary!


What's wrong with 570? I've just lived a little. I have had a fun life so far.

I'd still have it, but then Dave added comments to this thing, and......well, you know the story.

OK, Graz. I thought of this earlier today, but didn't ask until now:

'Cause I'd sure be interested in your own experienced "fetish list" for my own edification with the lasses! :-)

DAMN! I have got to get off the big words!!!! My Dad was big on big words as I was growin' up and would always say "Look it up!"

Pissed me off, but I learned. Then, in arguments with a couple of people, they said I switched to "big words" as a defensive trick so they couldn't follow me. TRUE! I just didn't realize it, but even if it didn't blow my argument, it sure made me feel stupid!

Hope that sortof explains me idiocy...sometimes I can't find a better word than a "big one" ;-) And that explains why such high-falutin's as Dr. Kaos most piss me off!

Go with grace and step on me should I step outside the bounds of The Blog's and the Bloglits decency :-)

Thanks alex! Yeah, we do!

Remember Kinky Tink and her child abuse theme? After especially her own responsive posts and friends? I don't think it was a joke or satire. I just hope MI5 is aware of her and her ilk!

There's nothing wrong with 570. I'm just awestruck! I'd say you've lived a lot and I need to do some catching up. Ok, guys. It's Friday Night - get out there and pump up your kinky score!

It's easy to get your kinky scores up.

Just do the things that would make your mother faint.

And guys....don't forget your banana guards.

You can never be too careful.

Hmmm, ya don't suppose Lady Punky would be waiting to see just to pad her score?! ;-)


I await her retribution after Bangi-Gurl has well-strangled my penguin! :-)



Didn't think so.

I'm betting punky scored up in the 5 or 600's and just wants to see if she's in 'the zone.' ;-) I'm gone! There's a life out there somewhere and, by god, I'm going to find it!

Graz ... you and I could cause a lot of trouble together.

You bet right, Lee.

Punky, what a delicious thought.

But, I must go.

My work shift is almost over, and I have a blind date.

She's not blind, that I know of anyhow.....but, you get the picture.

Full story on your late, late news.

Good luck, Graz!!!!!

Well wait up for you ... or maybe we shouldn't.

(wink, wink)

Punky?! Dear Lady, I'd might say "Teach me!", but some of those questions, I just wasn't interested in trying. No more than personal interest, but I did rate 346. Seems, I'm just middlin' but willing to learn at the proper hands ;-)

You guys got no idea what you're talking about. girls getting their various makes and models of cars stuck in various treacherous driving conditions is totally hot.
One thing I didn't expect was for those chicks eating sandwiches to also be hot as well, but some of them actually were! ADD TO FAVORITES!

Posted by: bubba on April 23, 2004 08:55 AM

Some guy in Oregon,

you spent money on this?!!?


Are you INSANE? No, I didn't spend money on this. The site has free "samples" to download. I downloaded one sample, and laughed a lot.

Ok, crashed and burned.

Meh, not a big deal.

I guess some people don't get my sense of humor.

Whadda they know.


She doesn't know what she's missing, sweetie!

216. Although it would have been higher had "sex" been replaced with "heavy making out that can't result in pregnancy."

I have come up with name for a search engine for drunk guys looking for porn.....


I'm Stoner Bear...except I laid off the weed already, 'cause I found class to be slightly important here. Must be naturally stoned. hmmm...class affects your college life. What a discovery...and they got the music right, too.


...and a Search Results window that accomodates to drunken stupidity:

Search Results (1-10)

Hot girl doing porn

Hot girl doing porn


Search Results (500-510)

Ugly girl doing porn (recommended)

Ugly girl doing porn...

And it definitely needs an "I feeling lucky" button. Advanced search allows you to pick three levels of BeerGoogle...

Slightly buzzed

Vision is starting to blur

I'm so drunk my mouse is starting to look hot

Does anyone else think Clown Enemas wbagnfarb? I thought not.

Harry, see I told you there was a website for every taste. But girls eating sandwiches is just dull.

Graz & Punky: no I'm not surprised but I am still impressed. Go, you swingers! (I was a dull 200.)

Lee, I rated a "progressive-minded conservative" on your test. What the hell does that mean in English?

Err, no luck on finding my life last night, but I'm persistant!

Jeff, I think "progressive-minded conservative" means you're too cautious to do the things you really want to do. ;-) My suggestion: Drink more, then you can move up to "fuzzy-minded progressive."

Punky, 505! I think I'm in love, or something equally hormonal!

Graz, tis better to have crashed and burned than to never have launched at all. And no, I'm not sure what that means either.


That's some bad mental images, though. (Once again, as I'm about to go for food) Great timing.

Heh. I scored higher up on the kinky scale than Jeff, and that's just based on thoughts...259. Wait...that went up from before! Just read this blog and use the chat room. Up your kinky score in no time.

Lee, I scored 90 on the test you posted.

It also gave me the same blurb as it gave you.

Damn Graz, you beat me again! I've got to get out more...

The lightup part of the costume was actually pretty cool - although underwear (or better yet, a cup) would have been a great idea.

He (they?) also don't know crap about photography - when they turned off the flash (to capture the suit lights) they should have used a tripod.

And how long was this convention thingie he went to? How did he expect to go the terlet?

Love that smug look - he is the coolest dork on the planet.

Harry P

whoops - posted in the wrong thread - good thing this one's cold....(wotta dork)

Harry P

whoops - posted in the wrong thread - good thing this one's cold....(wotta dork)

Harry P

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