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April 21, 2004


"What do you mean, I'm going the wrong way?"

(Thanks to Kevin Vig)


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"I was going to use it for a clown car, I'm a shrine clown." And his wife MAKES HIM SELL IT?

What's wrong with this woman? What's she going to make him sell next, his fez hat?

Reminds me of the push-me-pull-you in Dr. Doolittle.

Can you imagine how cool his other clown gadgets are if THIS is what he had to get rid of?

His other clown gadgets:

Combination pogo-stick / post-hole-digger.
Giant car (seats one).
Sucking lapel flower.
Tiny bicycle.
Tiny bicycle shorts.

Anyone notice that the winning bid is $330 while in the terms of sale the guy says he wants a $500 deposit "within 48 hours of ending of bid to PayPal with the balance due at delivery"? Apparently he was being a bit too optimistic about his car....

Too bad we didn't find out about this until after the deadline. I think it would have been very cool to drive to the Rock Bottom Remainders concert tour in that. Can't you picture all the Texas bloggers getting out of that?

Imagine taking this car into the shop. "My front alignment seems off. No, the OTHER front! And one of my taillights is out. Well, actually it's the headlight that's on the tail END of the car. No, the OTHER end!"

Bumper sticker on the back: "Don't headgate."

WOW! Don't tell anyone but that's Garth Brooks' car sitting in his yard in Goodlettsville, TN (a surburb of Music City, USA)! You know, NASCAR is also a product of Tennessee moonshining days. See actor Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road!

Wow - here's where a backseat driver moves from annoying to life threatening.

Eykis, Thunder Road was actually filmed in Kentucky, not Tennessee. On my one and only visit to Kentucky a friend took me to see where it was filmed. It's a classic.

I've camped in Cumberland Gap.
I would have paid more than $330 to get an awesome car like that. Even if it were a piece of crap.

But it says "Easy payment plans".

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