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April 26, 2004


This is one of those URLs that isn't what it seems to be, and it also leads to a whole new world of reading: http://www.qis.net/~minidonk/backiss.htm

(Thanks to Axel Estable)


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Is there supposed to be a link there? Or am I missing the point of something?

it's an intelligence test.


And boy do we love to talk about mini donkeys!

...Double Your Fun! With Doublemint, Doublemint Gum!

Geez, that's from, like, the 80's and the Corporation still has its marketing tools stuck in my brain! What have we become?

(M&M's melt in your mouth, not in your hands)

Sorry - that was the link judi sent, for those who are cut and paste impaired.

Copy and paste to a new window.

Well worth it.

Apparently, minature donkeys are quite the druggies. Sample articles:

Tranquilizers or Sedatives
Do You Know of Difference?


Smokin Bales

And one I personally WON'T be reading:

Trailer Fun
by Bob Goddard

They sure are cute - actually miniature animals are really big now (har) There are breeders of mini horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, mini Jack Russell terriers and "munchkin" cats.

Harry P

ok, i made it a link, sorry.

I didn't realize miniature donkeys could talk. Cool. Have to get one of those. But why didn't the miniature talking donkey farmers do a corporate tie-in with DreamWorks on Shrek? What a missed opportunity.

Thanks, judi, you're a doll!

I must confess it appears to be a link of worlds within worlds within worlds of stuff I'd rather not think about ;-)

Cut and Paste (short version)

hilight, right=click, choose cut. Hilight, right-click, choose paste.

harry P: I bet they make a whole mess, too!

I used to think miniature donkeys were cute. But the more I read, the more alarmed I become:

"90% of all donkeys have a dislike of dogs. Most seem to really detest small dogs."

"The main problem seems to be that young jacks [that's male miniature donkey to those of us not in the industry] like to play with goats the same way they play with each other - by grabbing the goat by the necks with their teeth. I lost count of how many phone calls I've gotten from grieving goat/sheep owners telling me how they found their goats dead from a broken neck."

Dog-hating, goat-killing beasts!

I see they also have miniature African Pygmy goats, which is arguably a bit redundant.

Whoah - I just noticed Rachel's comment above, to wit:

"...Double Your Fun! With Doublemint, Doublemint Gum! Geez, that's from, like, the 80's and the Corporation still has its marketing tools stuck in my brain! What have we become?"

From the 80'S??? Child, that's from the early 60's! (and I was there)

The Eighties jingle is that even more annoying "double-double your enjoyment..."

great - now I've got both of the bastards stuck in my head.

Harry P

"We’re famous for our gorgeous full color glossy donkey covers!"

Let's not take ourselves too seriously now...

Because we all want to be up to date on our donkey news, ya know.

Harry, I wasn't alive in the 60's, so I only remember it from the 80's. But it's the first thing that I think about whenever someone says "double your pleasure".

Somebody shoot me, please!

Hey, if you are behind on the donkey news, you could make an ass of yourself.

Much as I just did.

Mini-creatures are cute but, unfortunately, are bred to be small and very often have severe defects that render them unable to walk without leg casts...pretty sad to see (thank you lexington, VA's Oktober fest parade)

BTW: The spark-plug thing is hilarious!

Okay Glossy Donkey Covers WBAGBFARB, but then everyone would think that you were a cover band for the "Glossy Donkeys".

And if you combine a couple of comment links you can get Sparkplug Crackhead and the Party Ponies.

I love rathergood.com....especially the sponge monkeys even though the darn monkeys sold out to the sandwich man....



All better now? :)

as the owner of a mini donkey, i just have to say "woo-hoo!!" for this link...

also, in defense of the donkey vs. dog thing...the reason that most donkeys do not like dogs is that the dogs so closely resemble wolves and coyotes. in fact, many sheep and goat farmers will keep a donkey in with their herds in order to protect them from such predators...

hrmm...there's a concept...guard-donkeys!!

I have seen donkeys in full color but never a glossy one.

Do they require shelac?

Okay, it's a cover for NAMBLA, right?


That would be the "North American Miniature Burro Lovers Association" (NAMBLA)

I'm sure if you changed "burro" to :burrito" Doug B. would be all for it.

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