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April 28, 2004


Bob the Builder Does Japan.

(Thanks to Justin Gehrts)


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Yes. Construction and organized crime just don't mix.

Bob does his work, helped by his talking machines.

Does it bother anybody else that our dogs seem to be smarter than our children?


Very STrange indeed though

Hey, Bob flipped me off!

Every once in while I like to go to one of them massage parlor places and get a little 'digital enhancement' myself.

Since I don't have tiny children, I had not realized Bob the Builder was short a digit. How did he lose it? And yes, gfunksizzle it does bother me that dogs are smarter than a lot of children --but I blame that on the parents. Look around at many of the parents with small children and if make you shudizzle~

Maybe Bob's blue cat and yellow bulldozer with stereo vision should be cut as well. Unless you want your kids to think you put meth in their raisan bran.

I hope Bob isn't missing any other digits. Poor guy.

Is Bob the Builder related to SpongeBob? Does SpongeBob have all his digits? Just asking...

"Bob's creators, Hit Entertainment, have also decided to give Bob an extra digit"

Are we talking inches or centimeters? Is Hit Entertainment going to start sending out vast amounts of span?

Spam, rather

Builder Bob's missing digits were work-related mishaps, I'm sure. I know some carpenters who
are missing fingers or parts of 'em. I'm surprised he doesn't have any nails embedded in his forehead.

One of my nephew's Bobs has a nail embedded in his forehead. Not by Bob's choice, you understand.

I want the money back that I spent buying the Kill Bill Vol. 1. DVD. In the fight scene with the thousand or so Yakuza gangsters, everything BUT their little fingers were cut off. Tarentino...you're washed up!

Yo man, but da fact is dat Bob be a gangsta, you dig? How day go'n splain his wack bussa cap ina crazy banka's ride episode? Yo?

Word up, BMX3.

Great link.

Note to self: Do NOT join the Japanese mafia.

Punky, just keep trying 'til you find one you like.

I just wasn't thrilled with any of the selections for eadn.

(using my real name, because telcontar was no good)

Machete Masta Ho Slappa

Fo shizzle!

Do they also believe that Mickey Mouse is a gangster?

Punky, hope you don't mind, but I'm just gonna keep callin' you Punky!

(and out of the grace for my own piece of mind, I'm NOT gonna think about cow-brain-laced crack-smoking! ;-)

Do they also believe that Mickey Mouse is a gangster?

Posted by: Ernie G on April 28, 2004 05:58 PM

Well his gansta name is Supa Pee Hands. 'bout right.

- John Cougar Skull Cruncha (formerly known as BMX3)

Uhm. Anyone else notice that the story is four years old?

Since Bob has been "fixed" for Japan, I don't see how he's going to "do" Japan. Being "fixed" usually means taking away a digit, not adding one. At least, that's what my dog tells me.

"Heavy Nutz da Tree Hugger" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue like Snoop Dogg, does it?

"Have a good die."

When I saw Bob was "getting fixed" I naturally assumed he would be using that Korean Self-Circumcisor Kit. No?

"Crouching Jungle Robba" is an improvement.

Very old news. Judi, you really must try harder.

Perhaps Gregg, but it does meat the eye!

Just standing unnecessarily, but protectively by judi here. No offense to you intended! :-)

On advice of my Minister of Defence (or whatever the rappers call him) I've decided to go with Heavy Nutz. That is all.

I swear I have never in my life smuggled any size monkey.

Although I confess, the 80s are a blur...

Heavy Monkey Smuggla

HEY!! I didn't post that!! Wow. Someone used my name? I mean honestly, I did NOT post that last post. It doesn't even make sense. I thought this thread was funny because I know kids that are hooked on Bob The Builder. I posted a couple of light-hearted things about it further on up!

I wonder if this blog can see IP addresses. Pretty easy to impersonate someone I guess.


Gregg, OK, maybe, but one word..."velvel".

Been there, been through it, if you don't understand it, don't go there.

My integrity is still intact. Go with grace....

I'm not sure what you're getting at, eadn. I know about velvel episode and while I agreed with some of his opinions, I disagreed with the way he chose to express them -- at least, how he expressed them after he was persecuted by the other bloglits for expressing his views initially. I also disagreed with the way he was persecuted for his initial post -- the "blame knife" cut both ways there.

So what does that have to do with this, exactly? Not sure what point you are trying to make. If you don't believe me, fine, but I know what I posted.

P.S. Gregg, to be clear, I mean the You of You no harm, but in the past I have been inflicted by a someone who used my moniker and e-mail address for viciousness against judi. It's still in way-back Blog posts and comments for all to see.

Please excuse me for my perhaps undeservedly reserved sympathies!

Oh, maybe I get it now. Are you saying that you were Velvel? You appear to be saying that you had been there and been through it (assuming another identity), but came out of it with your integrity still intact.

Still don't know what that would have to do with this, though, since I am not, nor never will, assume another identity here. It's just Gregg. But someone else apparently assumed my identity.

Hell Gregg, velvel is the one who started impersonating me! That's an affront to my own integrity just like you're feeling now!

Oops, never mind. I posted that last post while you were apparently writing your post.

Sorry. Anyway, have a good night.

Dayum, if other "non-comments" have been made by me, I didn't do it. Dave's blog sucks sometimes. What the hell are ya'll still doing up?

Still waiting on an answer about SpongeBob -- as a paralegal, I am kinda used to getting the questions answered......eventually...... Thankies

It's OK, Gregg, you have my support with your last post should you need it.

For the record, both Dave and Judi know who I am and have a true & trackable record from the Miami Herald registration should they need it. Two different timings, but when velvel started using my real e-mail address and then lastly my moniker too, well suffice to say I established another brick house along with all the other security systems I have in place for my own internet safety and integrity!

In Spongebob's case, he only has four digits, but it doesn't matter because if his hands or arms fall off he just grows new ones immediately. Right?

Did anyone notice this news items is FOUR YEATRS OLD!! Judi, give us timely drivel, not outdated drivel!

Judi: Dave, the bloglits are revolting!

Dave: I know. They SMELL TERRIBLE!!!!

(Thanks to Mel Brooks.)

I believe Dave's line should be "You said it, they stink on ice."

Unless you were referring to a different Mel Brooks movie.

Hmmm... In this article there could be a couple of meanings to the subtitle: Children's hit

Bangi_Gurl, I do read most all the posts and currently have too much time on hands. However, since this is a realistic cause for concern which I've been through on The Blog, You are quite safe with me for your sweetly sizzling style! ;-) Rest easy :-)

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