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April 18, 2004


Is there a bustle in YOUR hedgerow?

(Thanks to Jeff Milner)


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FIRST! Gratis and Honor to Rachel

Now, off-topic, I'm about half-deaf, love it, and don't have the sound turned on on my machine.

On-topic, Satan ain't worth a toss! Let the crows have him!

Side-topic, Stairway to Heaven is Great! Now if I can just find a Lass who'll help me get there from here ;-)

End-topic, I's already down in my condo in Hell, so Ladies! it'll be a long walk and I might need to grope my way around a bit! :-)

Hey - Satan worshipping I can understand, but what have Led Zeppilin got against toolsheds?

Eadn - I can't offer you the stairway to heaven, but you can try my weiner if you want :-)

I'm sure that if you reversed "Copacabana", you would hear Barry Man-um-no sing "Anabacapoc", which is as we all know is satanic for " I have a big nose, and no career".

Jacob, Pass! Thanks, but No Thanks! No offense taken and none intended...just call it a skew that won't happen.

Nice try though, I'll have to put you as third on my list of guys who've propositioned me.

Ladies, I'm all ears and more :-)

Graz, ya know, I gotta agree with you. That one song has been played to the point where it lonnnnng should've been put six feet under.

That's alright eadn, I understand. I was only teasing anyway.

And if you get a surplus of ladies, send the extra my way will you :-)

Jacob, I'm sure you well know there is never a surplus of ladies! :-)

But, perhaps they'll feel the need to share (for variety's sake, knowwhatImean?! ;-)

Now that is interesting! I had always heard that some Zep songs were rumored to have these messages, but never actually tried it myself.

Turn me on, dead man. Number nine, number nine...

Do you think "Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl. With yellow ribbons in her hair and her dress cut down to there," has hidden messages backwards?

Anyone wanna take the time to try that?

Prolly not but maybe rap is? After all those "Jesus is my homeboy" tshirts are showing up everywhere.

"Satan's Suffering Toolshed"

why DOES he need a toolshed? I'm with Jacob on this one....

Crash, not only doesn't it have a message backwards, frontwards, sideways or any other way, but it's on my list of songs where I immediately RUN to change the station or turn off the radio.

The "Stairway to Heaven" guy definitely, as Dave put it, has way too much time on his hands. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

By the way, hope you're all well rested and over your testiness from yesterday. ;)

I'm sorry Satan, I'm not intimidated by your toolshed of doom.

I'm not sure about satanic, but it does sound a little French.

Damn, that's scary.

Satan has a TOOLSHED?

I really think it's impolite to ask people about possible bustles in their hedgerows.

OF COURSE Satan has a tool shed! That's where he keeps his pitchforks!

Satan's Suffering Toolshed wbagnfarb. A really good one, I think.

This site is pretty interesting.

Actually, one theory I heard way back when was that if movable type for the printing press hadn't been invented for another couple of hundred years, the irregularities of the English language would have been cleaned up more.

Ergo, progress begets complication and we are here now....

Paul is also dead.

What I find really amusing is that there are a bunch of trolls in the comments section of that website that refuse to believe that the backwards sample is not an undoctored reversal of the actual lyrics. I have done this experiment myself with the vinyl record and spun the record backwards, and that's what you hear. Verbatim.

eadn: next time you have a house party, I'm spinning. I have the asbestos records and two turntables that go in reverse as well as forwards. ;)

Hi, Just stubled in. Lots of things come up strange when you reverse them :)

etis looc

intersting to listen to

COME ONE GUYS!!! CLAEARLY THE SONG IS ABOUT HOW WOMEN SPEND ALL OF MAN'S MONEY!!! come one! 'Buying a stair way to heaven...' because she says it matches the vase by the stairs we have now... WTF!? HAHAHAHA!!! all i know, is that 'if all that glitters is gold' and 'buying a stairway to heaven' are in the same paragraph... there's a woman, a penis, prolly some boobs, hell maybe a frog... idk BUT THERE'S DEFINITELY A RIGH DUDE'S CREDIT CARD INVOLVED!!!

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