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April 27, 2004


Now they want to take away our ski resorts' precious right to keep and bear howitzers.

(Thanks to Anne Morton August and Kathreen Kruse)


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Don't you wish you had the job of shooting those things!

'S'OK. The Honorable Underground will secure the difference...flamethrowers in one hand and firehoses in the other. Standing side-by-side I might add :-)

Thanks Dave...from a good old dragon on the dead end of lost causes....

C'est la me

Not trying to get political, but when our military needs to reclaim a couple of howitzers from a ski resort, are we maybe spread a little thin? (Or couldn't we build some more?)

Unlike the army, I don't loan out my howitzers to whoever may want them.

I generally loan them to people who are male, have curly hair, and think I'm pretty cool. :)

Oooh...so you do think I'm cool huh? ;)

Well...I know one thing that's way uncool, but because I got it in middle school I think it should not be counted as a factor that would affect my coolness now.

Whatta great line:

"It was designed to kill people, but it's a very valuable safety tool for us."

Make sure you do NOT lose your lift ticket at these places....

(I'm back! Didja miss me? :)

Indian Givers!

Mel...ready to adjust azimuth on those howitzers any time.

As to the reason the Army gives for getting their artillery back... my four-year-old nephew could come up with a better story. They just don't want those things outta control....you know like a

loose cannon...

sorry...couldn't help myself

Snow and schrapnel, kind of like peanutbutter and jelly, but louder

"The U.S. military is demanding the return of five howitzers that two Sierra Nevada ski resorts use to prevent avalanches . . . received the artillery pieces on loan from the Army and began using them last year to fire rounds into mountainsides and knock snow loose".

I thought the loose snow was what caused avalanches in the first place.

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