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April 21, 2004


If this is fake, we shall be very sad.

(Thanks to Andrew Smith)


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That is one smart little dog!

that's the most talented dog i've ever seen.

It looks real. But the way he actually steers to avoid the curb the first time is awesome. Much smarter than any dog I've ever known personally .

I've seen him quite a few times.
Once live on FOX news.

I don't think its fake.

(Of course I realize that having been on FOX "news" makes it somewhat dubious!)

He's got more talent than all the Manilow-singing American Idol contestants combined.

He's got more talent than Manilow, but I guess that went without saying didn't it?

He's been on RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! too, which also doesn't make it necessarily genuine, but there was one or two other skateboarding dogs on it, too.

I'm surprised he didn't run into anything. They usually can't even walk without smacking into a wall.

Meh! I can do that, lets see him drive.

A good friend of mine (who is 27 years old by the way) recently decided to try skateboarding. She immediately broke her ankle.

When I told the group of skater kids (teenagers) in my neighborhood they responded, "That's totally awesome!!!!"

The other day I showed those same skaters this very video clip (sorry Dave seen this before you blogged it.), they excitedly replied that this was "the greatest ever."

There you have it, from the mouth of skaters, this clip is the greatest ever.

As someone who works with video for a living, I'm 99%+ sure it's real. It would be easier to train a dog to ride a skateboard than to make such a clean fake.

I saw this dog do this on a talk show (I forget whose) and on some bad cable pet trick program. I am pretty sure he's not fake, and on tv he seems to really really love doing this.

It's not fake. That guy's been on Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks, Regis & Kelly, Keith Olberman's show, Fox News, USA Today, and on several of my local news shows (as their "kicker" story before they sign off).

I'm actually getting quite tired of him. Now, if his owner could teach him how to a sick fakie with a nollie kickflip on a half-pipe, I'll be impressed.

Yes, it is a fake! That is actually Danny DeVito dressed in a bulldog costume. You guys are sooooo gullible.

Who has the kind of time it woudl take to train the dog to do that?? It's prolly real, but d*mn, I had a hard enough time just training my former dog (lost custody of her in the divorce) to not chew on my shoes!!!

I know that guy.

He isn't really a dog. Just this ugly skater guy from Texas.

Where's the little doggy's helmet and kneepads? Somebody call PETA, this is a tragedy waiting to happen.

If it wasn't for all the evidence to the contrary, I would say it was fake. That certainly is an extraordinary talent for a dog, especially an English Bulldog. In my experience, these dogs are not very physical, to the point of barely being able to get up and walk around. They are also often very stubborn (or stupid, depending on your point of veiw) and not easy to train. But according to the website, he learned this on his own, after being around skateboarders since birth.
IXLNXS: Thanks for making me laugh :-)

I like the way he goes straight over the arrow in the same direction it's pointing.

"not very physical" - That is why he taught himself this new mode of transportation, he would rather ride than walk!

Yeah, I've seen some bulldogs who would probably rather travel by skateboard. As long as they could just lay on it while their owners pulled them by a rope.
Sorta brings up a kind of "Jabba the Hutt" image.

Is it "lay on it" or "lie on it" ?

The rule I learned was that "only chickens lay".

Which is wrong, but gets you the right answer.

lay is transitive. Somebody lays something (cf charcoal lined panties).

"lie" is intransitive - regardless of which meaning you assign to it.

Which of course makes Bob Dylan's song 'Lay lady, lay' extremely funny.

Oscar, thank you for the link!! I love it!
And Timothy, that was too funny. Good one!

Yet more proof that dogs are superior in every way to cats.

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