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April 28, 2004



(Thanks to Karen Satlin)


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anybody else think that that dog is what the one that swallowed the knife might have looked like?

Pet a potty? Doesn't your hand come back in the same condition as the girl in the pub joke Judi posted?

Well, yes, they are, but actually this product has a major advantage. I'm a dog trainer and, as ridiculous as it seems, I now have a number of clients who insist on litter-training their small dogs. It's not something I encourage but if they're hell-bent on it there's not much I can do. The thing is, dogs develop what is called "substrate preference," which basically means that once they learn to go on a certain type of ground/floor/material, they will prefer it for a long time, making it much more difficult to transition the dog to outside potty. Many litter-trained dogs will, in fact, hold their potty outside, only to come in and potty on their wee-wee pads.

What I'm getting at is that since this potty contains grass, it helps the dog develop substrate preference for outdoors, and would actually be a terrific way to help a puppy transition to outside, as well as helping to avoid the problem described above with litter-trained dogs.

looks nothing like my living room carpet. My dogs will never go for it.

This comes in the "how lazy are you category" -- with fake grass, those people should be shot for stupidity. Aren't these that California bunch who want to protect the geese, et al? But it is perfectly okay to let your doggie think grass is plastic? Isn't that cruelty to the weebeasties? And why don't they make one for my Siberian Husky? It would be like mucking out a horse stall. Californians deserve what they get, including paying a median of $428,000 for a regular house!

the grass isn't plastic, it's real. It's in sod, and you have to water it.

And besides, it's sold in the trendiest stores!

This is a very good product, for me to poop on!!!

- Triumph the Comic Dog

Eykis - it's 600k now. 428k is so 3 hours ago. By the way, my Husky has been almost untrainable - stubborn, smart beast with little genetic inclination to please the master. Most other Husky owners at the dogpark seem to report the same. Yours?

BMX3: Outstanding Triumph placement! Bravo!!!

I'd certainly rather Pat the Bunny.

It's either the dog stays inside and uses the pet door to go outside to pee or the dog stays outside all the time.

Jamester, my Husky is so "inclined to please the master", she thinks she's a person. We live outside Nashville on 14 acres, so she's got all the room to run and doesn't have to go to dogparks. She does enjoy running over to the next property where the Catahoolas (sp) are fenced in and tease the hell out of them. She's also afraid of my four little kittens~ On the CA housing costs: My brother paid $375,000 for a house I would not pay more than $60,000 and he thinks he got a deal~ I guess they finance more out there because he's a prof at Stanford and doesn't make tons of money! What's the deal on the crazy housing market anyway? I read the $428,000 just yesterday and ROFL!

"k" - my dog developed a substrate preference for the naked thighs of supermodels.

I've tried everything from hidden cameras to Romco's "Please the Master Treats" and still I'm just terribly happy.

Any suggestions?

Heck, Chris, I've got a substrate preference for the naked thighs of supermodels! What's wrong with that?

Hee! Amusingly, I actually got an email not long ago for a man desperately looking for help with his dog who kept peeing on everyone (people, not dogs) at the dog park. He never wrote me back, though.

Personally I suggest you find your pup an agent. I'm sure someone would pay big bucks for that...

Ok, this is one of those things that was not measured on the kink-o-meter.

Well Lee, as "k" would tell you, once you develop a substrate preference, it is VERY difficult to change.

I can tell you from personal experience that this particular substrate preference is

well I guess I can't tell you about the difficulty of changing it since I haven't tried.

But anyways.

Thanks "k". I don't live in California, so I'll have some difficulty finding my dog an agent (come to think of it, finding my dog supermodels is a problem too...)

That guy may not have gotten back to you because he was busy having the crap beaten out of him.

Eyekis - oh, my husky's part of the family, and well mannered enough, but independent of thought. RE: housing, all I can do is agree that prices are totally FUBAR. When the down cycle comes again most of the population is going to be more depressed than Tinkerbell after a good teasing.

Lee: Substrate Preference wbagnfarb.

But to answer's Judi's question: Yes.

alex said, in part:

PETA-potty [emphasis added]

Of course I'd expect something like this to come out of CA to appease the activists. Wonder how many members of PETA go home and eat hamburgers?

Okay. (1) Go CA, Go CA! As a SoCal native girl (fer sherr), I can only speak for the activists I've had massages with, and they're not all bad.

(2) I have no data on the PETA's/hamburgs question, but I did encounter once a fella on a hunger strike -- or rather, I encountered his *booth,* altho he wasn't in it. It was noonish, so I'm assuming he was on his lunch break.

Rancid Laura Bellamy (new pirate name to go with new gangsta name)

You MUST watch the "slideshow"

I'm from Nashville and I paid $2,000 for my deluxe trailer. I love being a redneck.

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