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April 25, 2004


...we see nothing at all wrong with this.

(Thanks to Angela)


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if i were the prime minister i would like to see more men in skirts.

and we are very very sophisticated.

Perfect for the guy who wants to get beat up alot!

Dave, you may see nothing wrong with this, and I'm sure Judi likes it too, but it is just so wrong in so many ways I can't even beging to explain. I think I need something from Mr. Barf Bag's collection.

SkortMan would NOT bagnfarb.

"begin" not "beging"; sorry. It just upset me so much it threw off my brain.

On the other hand, after seeing Mr. Unitard these don't look nearly as bad to me now. Put one over the jumpsuit and at least it would cover his nether regions. (Not that he appears to have much to cover, other than his lumpy, saggy butt.)

...although, "Men In Skirts" might bagnfarb. They've already done Men Without Hats, so...

"throughout history women have borrowed items of men's clothing...but the reverse rarely happens". Could it be because women have extremely uncomfortable clothing? Why else would we wear men's clothes?

my favorite quote:

"Men who have wished to characterize themselves as resistant, rebellious, or simply contrarian have adopted skirted garments as a sign of their refusal to meet societal expectations. The exhibition will conclude with the ways in which various youth and counter-cultural movements such as punk, grunge, and glam rock have adopted the skirt as a means of transgression and self-expression. Skirts worn by musical icons such as David Bowie and Boy George will be among the highlights of the exhibition."

A mini with a mound - I don't think so.

Short skirt + hairy legs = ick.

they're using David Bowie and Boy George as examples of men???? That would be like using Janet Reno and Rue Paul as examples of women.

This has got to be the scariest collection of photographs ever posted on the internet.

SteveB - That's about right.

Quote from the collection page: Stand up straight. Smile. Send us your photos

Ain't know one standing up "straight" on that site. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Maybe I should randomly click on different posts..the unitard man and this were waaaaaaaaaaay too much wrongness one after the other.

Nope. Nope! Couldn't get me in a skirt even with Photoshop!

However, Lmd33, Dave just saved a bundle on Ken doll clothes ;-)

MeL, Lmd33, took "ick", you gonna go for "eww" and "nast" too? :-)

I'm with Dave.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that."




Okay, I like kilts. But these are not kilts. Men's kilts are knee-length. No one, male or female, should ever wear a skirt this short. Self-expression is good and all, but indecent exposure is still illegal.

Good site, some guy! Weird people and one really ticked off commentator make for a good combo!

ha! I seem to almost recall several episodes of waking up with women's panties on my head in college.

I just LOVE it! I want to make one too. I think you are totally right about the pattern - it's cool how it doesn't match up, and it draws attention to the interesting construction. The shorts are great too. You're a real sewing inspiration!

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