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April 28, 2004


Time to book a flight to Moscow.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Steve)


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woot ;)

Eh? All I get is a weird Microsoft Outlook log-on page.

*Eh? All I get is a weird Microsoft Outlook log-on page.*

Me too.

Time to book a flight to Moscow.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Steve)

Has anyone seen Jeff and Claire Martin in the same room together?? Didn't think so.

Are they going to put a giant moat of Vodka around it?

Did anyone check out the Heroic Kangaroo story link - seems the Aussie Kangaroos are much smarter than the American dogs (especially the dancing ones requiring Pet a potty)

Personally, I dedicate this post in honor of Sir Doug Brockmeier! (and hope I spelled his name right! :-)

God bless the country that makes a monument to PROCESSED cheese rather than simply cheese itself.

Mmmm. Cheese. White, shiny cheese wrapped in foil. Mmmmmm.

And I give Doug B. two hours tops before he's on a plane!

It almost makes it sound like they can't drink the vodka without those little wrapped pieces of processed cheese doesn't it?

Claire Martin (nyuk nyuk)

Why am I thinking about Crank Yankers?

God only knows

All these years of binge-drinking vodka with my Red friends and never once did they mention that processed cheese wrapped in foil made the difficult times easier....Commie Rat Bastards!

I drink to the wodka and the cheese and the Dave Barry. (It is good to have a reason for the wodka, but not necessary)

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