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April 25, 2004


You will want to book those reservations for Avon, Ohio, now

(Thanks to Kerig Pope)


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I'd rather swallow a knife, methinks.

Wacky fun, indeed! I'm on my way!

Hmmm, I hope someone officially notifies the knife-swallowing dog-owner so that his drawers are duct-taped against future occurrences!

I grew up near Avon, Ohio. The reason for the festival is that the Duck Tape and Adhesive Company is located there.

Not much else interesting to do in that town but drink and go to a duct tape fesival, which is probably why they started it.

Unless you want to enjoy the fine waters of Lake Erie and the two headed fish they have there.

Oh, thank god! The woman that normaally does my brazillian wax is on vacation that week.

Do they take appointments?

A duct tape factory sounds interesting, but I think my home-town claim to fame may top it as far as the boredom factor goes. We had the worlds largest cereal factory, Quaker Oats. There used to be a huge mural of the Quaker Oats guy painted on one of the towers. Spooky looking.

I'm going! Maybe I will run into Red Green and Harold there! Avon is just a couple of counties away, wahoo.

Guys - beer - duct tape. Oh boy!!!

A friend of mine used to work for the company that sponsors that festival and she was the official "Duck" of the duct tape company at many local events. It's like knowing a Kennedy. :)

Only all the Kennedy's are dead now.

Ugh! Can someone get rid of the apostrophe up there for me. I'm not an idiot. I swear. Well ... not usually. OK, sometimes. But I know the difference between possesive and plural. I swear!

At least all the good ones are. Better tread lightly here, the Kennedys(note no apostrophe) know people who are "organized".. wink-wink.

"Puts the 'here' in 'adhere.'"

Can you picture a roomful of duct tape marketing executives coming up with that little beauty?

You only need two tools in life. WD40 and Duct Tape. If it moves and it shouldn't use duct tape, if it doesn't move and it should, used WD40.

Rodger and the Ramjets (An Avon Favorite, playing music from the 50's, 60's and 70's)

Dead Kennedys wbagnfarb

Oh that's right - DK IS a rock band, punk actually. In the vinyl album cover for "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" there is a free poster that I'm guessing many people who frequent this blog would enjoy.

so grimreaper - you gonna tell us what the poster is, or make us google it ourselves?

Alex, are you sure your friend doesn't work in Avon?

Hey, I give these people credit. They were smart enough not to schedule the festival for Mother's Day weekend, right? And maybe Dad will get something useful this year rather than an ugly tie or bad cologne.

Bad Cologne wbagnfarb, by the way, much better than Rodger and the Ramjets.

I'd like to point out that I grew up in Michigan City, Indiana [pause for sympathetic murmurs from crowd] and we ALSO had a sign proclaiming ourselves to be the 'Duct Tape Capital of the World.'

In the words of Bugs Bunny: Of course you realize... this means war.

"professional duct tape sculptor"


What REALLY scares me is that somewhere there is a town that calls itself "the Q-Tip Capital of the World" or something like that, where they hold an annual Q-Tip Festival.

"SEE the world's tallest sculpture made entirely of Q-Tips!"

"SEE our Annual Stick-A-Q-Tip-Into-Your-Ear Contest! (Children not allowed without an adult guardian.)"

"VOTE for this year's Miss Q-Tip!"

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