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April 27, 2004


Do not click here.

(Thanks to Kerig "You are getting sleepy" Pope)


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First again! Are you annoyed yet, Garrett?

Must.....Kill......Stupid Hypnotist!

I am going to need a few more glasses of wine before I dare to click a link on this site.

Must wait while heart resumes normal rhythm. Even though I got distracted by the spirits "wisiting" me...

Alright, I'm too scared to click the link. Somebody tell me if it really works or not.

Hell with it! I'm half-deaf, have no patience, and once I figure I'm getting duped...that's enough to break me out of a sound stupidity!

Truly an experience.

Not very frightening, if you get my meaning. ;D

I don't think I've ever heard German spoken with an Indian accent before.

Lee: You will no longer seek the first post ... if you get the first post, you will not claim it ... shadow and darkness ... wisit you at night ... here in the backroom ... of your mind ....

Kind of tough to get hypnotized when he keeps saying "wisit." He does play a mean harmonica, though.

Dave, you clearly missed this important disclaimer posted in the Hypnoshop:

"The user accept the responsibility for not show the Hypnotic-CD to persons with epilepsy or other psychological and mental illness!"

You'll be hearing from my lawyer in the morning.

I KNEW IT! Yet I fell for it anyway...hmmmm, I wonder if I was hypnotized, after all.

This Dr. Krackerbarrelaughovitz can, frankly--if he wants, of course--go directly to hell. WITHOUT collecting $200.

pfft. I was expecting this right from the start. That's why I turned the volume waay down and minimized the window. Just in case. This just proves that you can never be too careful when it comes to Internet flash animations. This one was a dead giveaway though.

*Alright, I'm too scared to click the link. Somebody tell me if it really works or not.*

Yep, it works all right. I have amazing powers now.


I tried it, but I got bored quickly. I think that it is not my strength of character, but rather my pronounced ADD that keeps me from being hypnotized.

I'm just watching to see who's the first to post a link to that "Watch For The Ghost" site. Not that I'm clicking on it...

I don't know, it might have worked.

I hear voices in my head now.

Nooooo, wait.....never mind, those were there before.

Ok, I did it. And now, I am permanently scarred.

I highly recommend trying this site with headphones turned up high in a dark room in the middle of the night.
I was relaxing, and generally all mellowing out when I freaked and tossed my headphones across the room. Then like an idiot I put my phones back on and clicked "Try #2"

Thanks Dave!

Well, I'm apparently not the only college student who tried this at weird hours of the morning.

I think I'll give up smoking!

Wait, I don't smoke.....However I did sponmtaneously combust as a result of the hypnotism.

Your results may vary.


Holy Cow! (Ha, I made a funny!) Nice mullet on this dude.

Why do I now have a craving for a microwave burrito and a slurpee?

1. I kinda liked the second one.
2. If you can "clear your spirit of all fear" before starting the experiment just because he tells you you gotta do this first, I'd say he's rilly rilly subtle.....

Okay, I totally fell for this. I also was duped by the "Watch for the Ghost" site. So what does that say about MY strength of character?

"Shadow and darkness"... I don't know if it worked or not, but when I woke up I was riding a pink tricycle down an escalator with a wok on my head and people were shooting bottle rockets at me. What do you think?

Gah.. I think I was tricked by something like this back in 5th grade.. what IS it? o.o; You guys are good at freaking people out.

N-n-n.. never mind.. I didn't see it, but I'm going to have nightmares just from that scream. Damn speakers turned up all the way.

I believe this blog owes me one pair of new underpants.

Please provide address so I can send in my sales slip and claim my reimbursement. Thank you.

I was apprehensive about doing it because that guy looked WAY too happy. Must let my heart resume beating. (Trying to breathe)

Awww. I missed sharing in the excitement. After about 20 seconds of watching the dot I got bored and pressed "Back".

Well, I obviously didn't get hypnotized, but I now have a deep-seated fear of wall-eyed men with strange, psychopathic grins. Wait, I think I may have had that already.

Did anybody else get the sudden insight that maybe Howard Dean was trying to hypnotize people with that yell?

Jeeeezzzz.....I'm still shaking, and my dogs think I'm nuts. I fell for that one hook, line, and sinker.... No WAY am I clicking on no. 2. Maybe somebody else can tell me what I'm missing?? LOLOL I feel so stupid I fell for that now!!!!

I KNEW IT! I Knew that was going to happen. And yet, somehow it still scared me a bit. My roommate too but that just made it funnier. There's another one out there about subliminal messages that's much worse though

You guys warned me about the scream, but not about the eye! No fair!

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