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April 21, 2004


Good news.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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p.s. It's got nothing to do with shoe size. It's the hands. Geez.

Nah! Its the nose.

Now they tell me.
*note to self--must break up with the clown*

Hands!thats what i heard--the hypotenuse of the thumb-forefinger triangle.
im guessing THATS not true either...

13 cm = 5.07 inches. In case anyone is counting.

I vote women start measuring and comparing all the possibilities for themselves at every opportunity. Eventually men will just get used to it. To paraphrase Annie Savoy in "Bull Durham," a man will do anything if he thinks it's foreplay.

Good! One more thing I've never had to worry about that I don't have to worry about!

Bangi_Gurl, I hadn't heard the hypotenuse one, but judi, hands, fingers, forget which all ones were involved...not to get unwieldy or anything ;-)

I mean just look at a stallion with a hard on, if its wearing shoes.

stretching it must hurt quite a bit :(

and Bangi - it's all about the thumbs, in my experience, it is about 2.5 times the length of his thumb. But I swear it was all in the name of research!

surfbunny, only if it's used for a tractor-pull ;-)

As someone who wears a size 13 shoe, ... maybe I'll jsut leave it at that.

I can spell "just"... really.

i guess i should stop pretending these size 18 shoes fit me.

Let's do a study. I'll bet we could get government funding. Then all day long we can stretch and measure penises and hands while, of course, taking lots of blogging breaks. Which job do you want?

What about hat size?

I think "stretch" might be a euphemism. And if it is, then I am so very disappointed at the prospects of that.

They did this on MTV'S Big Urban Myth Show once.

probably because they have a small urban myth... if you know what i mean.

Did everyone know that there IS a direct correllation between your arms and your feet?

This is true. Your foot will be the exact same size as the distance between your elbow and your wrist.

Go ahead and check and let me know your results.

I'm waiting . . .

What about the size of the wallet, ladies?

I have discovered that my feet exactly fit my shoes. What does this mean?

MTV has a myth? What's MTVs thumb length, surfbunny?

Stretched Penile Length would not bagnfarb!

I would guess measuring stretched penile length can't be any more painful (or pleasurable??) than, say...skydiving naked. Apparently.

That's why it's best to have size and talent.

Size and talent ARE the best combination.

Incidentally, the only time that I can remember being flashed, the flasher felt it was necessary to streeeetch it out also. All this time I thought it was for my visual pleasure (didn't quite hit the mark, so to speak) but now, maybe he was just doing the shoe size experiment and I just happened to be standing there!

Urologist's wife to urologist: "So, what'd you do at work today, honey?"

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