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April 28, 2004


Be on the lookout for naked prefectures.

(Thanks to Bill Crider)


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He's stealing clothes off a clothesline? What is he, a cartoon character?

My God, did you catch the headlines of the rest of the stories? And I thought Japanese society was relatively sedate...I esp. like the madman causing chaos at the airport before drowning... Is this the Japanese equiv. of Weekly World News or what?

Forget the man and his stealing of underwear. Just read all the stories on the left side of the page! Mainichi is ONE WILD PLACE! Anyone here go to Doykko University?

This guy has a serious fetish! But how do you admire 30 cardboard boxes full of women's underwear? I mean, you could run your fingers through a couple of drawers full, pun intended, but this guy got greedy, and now he has the authorities' panties in a twist.

Hey, kudos to the world champion panty raider!

"was served a fresh arrest warrant"

I just hate being served those cold, stale arrest warrants. Nothing says quality like a fresh arrest warrant.

I LOVE English language Japanese newspapers . . . they can be so blunt.

"Old mom admits mowing down daughter for insurance money"

Can you imagine the panty stakeout that must have been involved to get this guy.
No doubt they were hiding "under where" it was impossible for him to see them.

"Madman cause chaos at Haneda before drowning"

"At around 9 p.m., police officers pulled the man out of the water, but his heart had stopped, leading police and officials at the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry to believe he had drowned."

Is it possible that his heart stopped beating before he got in the water?

And why all the Ministries and Officials to figure this out?

"I like women's underwear."

That just says it all, doesn't it? Amen, brother.

Now, see, this is an example of the sort of thing that is NOT on the Kink-o-Meter.

Once, when I was a young pretty college coed, I had my underwear stolen out of the washer. All of it. While it was wet. Nothing else was taken.

The only guy in the laundromat at the time I dropped off the clothes was a geeky looking teenager.

Does that explain your email address, TxGal?

I don't get it. Panties are wonderful, but only when the girl is IN them. Then you take them off (which is a hell of a lot of fun) and go to work (which is even more fun).

But after they are off they are of little interest...

I wonder what this guys "kinky" score is?

The other headlines are horrible and they call the US a violent country???

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