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April 26, 2004


Here's the ultimate do-it-yourself project.

Reassuring Quote: Everyone easily can do circumcision, Comfortable and safe operation with no incision, suture, blood and slight pain!

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Had that done when I was first born. Don't think I'd wanna try the do-it-yourself kit though.

Nope. Nothin' to worry about here.

You may suffer vernereal disease and even bring women's
ailment to your loving woman if you avoid circumcision operation

Holy smoke - sign me up! No vernereal disease for me! Maybe I'll just use the weed whacker.

ALMOST painless is just NOT good enough.

This might be a good side business. It probably wouldn't pay much, but you'd get lots of tips.

nyuk nyuk nyuk.

But it's approved by the Korean FDA!

What more would you want?

"All men's trouble... can be easily solved now." With do it yourself circumcision? I don't think so. I'm with eadn: once was more than enough, thank you very much.

Remember the famous Ed Ames hatchet tossing episode on the Tonight Show? I think Johnny Carson called it Frontier Bris (which wbagnfarb).

I think a more relevant quote might've been:


Innovative surgical devices such as these + the Lorena Bobbitts of the world = moments unpleasant in the extreme.

We are looking for agent every country

All your foreskin are belong to us!

All men's trouble, Circumcision, can be easily solved now.

I can't count the number of times this has come up in recent conversations. "Hey Bob, ever get that circumcision done?" "Nah, I'm waiting on a do it yourself, less painful way."

Maybe this company will really make a killing when it comes up with it's Home Vasectomy Kit

Uh uh. No way. I ain't going through that again! Last time I got circumcised I couldn't walk for months!

Did you catch the video? Pretty graphic stuff....where's that barf bag collecton again???

Yes. Very disturbing video. Made more disturbing by the Korean porn movie music playing in the background. (Not that I've watched Korean porn, by the way.)

I am also very troubled by the picture of the cigar at the top of interior pages. Don't a lot of people BITE the tips off their cigars?

Why do I keep clicking deeper into this site?!

From Step #8:

On the third day after the application of the device, the external locking ring can be removed,(Ref. generally 36 or 48 hours later from application, foreskin becomes dead tissue as a scab.)if the patient experiences a lot of pain the constricted foreskin, or if urination is painful, you should cut throught the foreskin up to the ring and, if it is safe, completely around the penis, thus freeing the dead tissue. Do not worry about any sebum (waste) from the points tied up and seized, as this is normal.

Ew. Argh. Ew. Ouch.

When talking about the penis, you may not use the words "tied up and seized" and "normal" in the same sentence.

Dave, you need a vacation. The last two day's of posts have been too much for me.

OMG Dart!!!
I think the key quote of THAT article would have to be "Less commonly, but still well documented, there are many people who undergo voluntary penectomy as a form of extreme body modification."

There's extreme and then there is extreme. THEN there is that.

**sounds of me screaming, curling up on the floor like a boiled shrimp**

Thanks Dave. New rule: At no time shall a cutting instrument be placed anywhere near my Oregonian. (Actually, that's just restating an existing rule.)

I'm so glad I'm a woman; all we have to worry about are monthly cramps and labor.

Did anyone see the episode of Nick/Tuck where the kid tried to self-circumsize with tragic results! Of course, he got the instructions from a website.

looney girl,

On a good day, I might

1. Shave my face
2. Clip my fingernails
3. Get a haircut

That's about the extent of blade-based body modification I'm comfortable with. But, to each his own...

There was an episode of ER with a self circumcision a few years back. The character in the show did it for his girlfriend, who then dumped him.

Some guys will do anything for a women.

Do you realize that we're the only species on Planet Earth who mutilate our own reproductive organs? (Even those spiders who eat each other during mating, have enough sense to leave the sex organs untouched.)

Other animals must think humans are seriously weird.

DOG: "They put foreign objects through their penises, and shout at ME when I sniff another dog's butt? I'm outta here, man."

Excuse me, but why the heck does this not have a DO NOT OPEN AT WORK warning??? Not that I'm at work or anything, but...

Punky, for me this post was a "been there as an infant, had that done cluelessly then", but if it hadn't happened then, it sure wouldn't be happening even as a self-imposed S/M fetish!!!!

What I don't understand (among other things) is why the web site's Korean but the movie's in Chinese.

If that's the case, I'll be an un-real man.

Subincision, indeed.

But at least there is a photo on that site which gives us an idea of the after shot of the guy whos penis blew up.

Reminds me of the story of the doctor who performed so many circumcisions he made the foreskins into a wallet. Whenever he traveled he just rubbed it and it became a suitcase. [groan]

Routine circumcision of infants (or anyone for that matter) is child abuse, pure and simple. "Religious" justifications do not justify this barbaric practice.

Eeewwww! Just looked at the subincision site. I am a girl...and I'm still cringeing. I can't imagine doing that. Voluntarily. To yourself. Eeewww! Nightmares tonight, I'm sure.

In the post-pictures for the subincision, is it just me or does "it" look.....well, feminine? Yikes. The longer I am alive, the more I realize some people are just strange. Home surgery on your male parts?

Andrea, I'd be VERY careful calling circumsion child abuse. I would venture to guess there are parents on this board who'd tell you to go jump in the lake (except probably not so nicely).

Guys, leave your thingies alone! We like 'em the way they are. (that applies to the 'increase your size' pills, too)

***You may be shocked or moved in some way to read the following account. This is a disclaimer. I am NOT to be held responsible for the actions of others who choose to self-snip. DO NOT CARRY OUT THIS OPERATION YOUSELF UNLESS YOU ARE OF SOUND MIND AND ARE AN ADULT WITH MUCH FAITH IN ALLAH - subhaan Allah ta wa aala (Allah is the Most Excellent and One God). ONLY ALLAH -subhaan Allah ta wa aala - SUSTAINS HIS TRUE BELIEVERS IN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES. IF YOU HAVE "TRUE" FAITH DEEPLY ROOTED WITHIN YOUR SOUL, ALLAH - subhaan Allah ta wa aala - WILL PROVIDE AND SUSTAIN, Insha'Allah.
Sorry to start of with this line, but I'm too tempted to say: you all sound like a bunch of big girls, you guys! HAHAHA! What's there to be so afraid of? Many years ago, I pierced my own body 6 times in different places, including a ball bar through the head of my family insurance! It was not that painful at all, and I did that in the name of a BAD way of life before I became Muslim, (I'm a white British man - Islaam is the BEST brotherhood/sisterhood and has multi-colours and multi-nationalities - recently, a top BritishNationalistParty member became Muslim, Masha'Allah, and rejected his old way of life). If I could do that painlessly through meditation on the matter, and for a BAD way of life at that, I'm sure I can get snipped for the sake of Allah without feeling a thing, Insha'Allah. Also, I would like to add: I'm NOT exactly small in that department and there wasn't even much bleeding at all (I'm trying to be as humble, yet as clear as possible) when I pierced that most sensetive part of my body, so I imagine that it can't be so bad to get snipped. I'm SURE I could do it myself with a sharpened pair of kitchen scissors, cleaned and polished up for the job, with little or no pain and little blood, Insha'Allah! I just need to find out about where to snip it and what about those big veins and arteries. But I'm now searching for reliable information about it online, Insha'Allah.
I'm surely not a girly boy. I'm 27, and I ONLY fear Allah - subhaan Allah ta wa aala. What do I have to fear? Prophet Ibraahiim (Abraham)- alayhi wa salam (peace of Allah be upon him) - did it himself using a stone to grind it off and he was the first in the world to do it! WOW... a stone!?!?!? That must have REALLY hurt! If he - alayhi wa salam - could do that, and as the first person, because Allah - subhaan Allah ta wa aala - prescribed it for him to be clean then I'm sure I can follow the footsteps of the MANY people after him, who used blades, etc. I just need to feel CERTAIN that I know enough to do it the correct way, as I'm not inspired in such a divine way as the prophets - alayhi wa salaam. I must pray first though, as Allah WILL give me righteous guidance and safety. I'll let you all know how I got on and what the results were after the operation. I have Imaan (Faith) and a STRONG belief in Allah and I KNOW He DEFINITELY loves me MUCH, as He answers ALL of my prayers, (NO WORD OF A LIE AT ALL). Allah has NEVER ignored me!!! Believe what you want, but I urge you... when I tell you the good news, take this as a sign from Allah that His Diin (religion/way of life) is the Truth Absolute! MANY people the world over, adults included, have seen the razor or the sheep shears or whatever and they don't moan about it! I know MANY a Muslim brother who had it done at various ages, including adult reverts (we're ALL born Muslim and raised on what surrounds us, so I use the word "revert" - in case you question my grammar... I teach English by the way). Believe me, if anything goes badly wrong I WILL tell you, but I really don't believe it will go wrong, regardless of your opinions. I think you are all afraid of the wrong things and that's what makes you weak. I ONLY fear Allah and I am strong! I can do ANYTHING for Allah, (but get that terrorist rubbish out of your heads because REAL Muslims cry for you people who don't believe, during Qur'aan recitations about non-believers when read in the masjiid --- masjid=mosque, masjiid=mosques --- especially during Ramadan. If you don't believe me then just go to your local masjid after 20:30 any evening during Ramadan and you can witness this... Kufar=non-believer, kaafir=non-believers, kaafiruun=many/all non-believers, Janna=paradise, Jahannam=hell --- this is but a reference for your understanding, so you may know when and why the Muslims are crying during prayer). Insha'Allah, I will be back soon to tell you all whether or not the result was painless and successful. I'm about to get the information, Insha'Allah, and just get on with the snip, so I'll be back in a week, Insha'Allah, with the information! Know this: Muslims are brave and firm in faith and belief, and believe that Allah -subhaan Allah ta wa aala - will always do what is best for us all.

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