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April 12, 2004


There may be a recall.


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oh dear. we have a blue cavalier. with a shattered window. did they mention what year?

"The nonvenomous snake appeared to be unharmed."
Which, of course, is the important thing....

When the Daily News attempted to ask a few questions, the snake shook the reporter off, acting cavalier.

Get in somewhere in Virginia, fall asleep and wake up in Canarsie? That snake is gonna have culture shock big time!

HA rememer that lady that had a 20ft python under her trailer?
It got on COPS and everything! My friend Bruce was the guy in the mustache. This story has nothing.

It has been colder than Hillary Clinton's bed in Virginia in this last month, so this is not suprising. Cold blooded animals are looking to get anywhere warm they can find.

I saw two frogs and a salamander thumbing for rides on 81 south the other day.

I almost joined them.

Yeah, but cheese_ball, New York is NORTH of Virginia and it's been even colder up here, so where's the logic? ;)

*pats mel on head* thr thr.we've laughed at worse.
snake appeared unharmed!that was my first concern.

OK did any else get a set of google ads that includes the product "shoosnake". "... to repel all types of snakes"

Now where was that shoosnake when we needed it? Dang it!

Jeff M --

It is well known that reptiles have very poor license-plate reading abilities, thus some of them inevitably hitch a ride with someone going to an even colder location, and they die as a result.

This is known as natural selection in the world of biology.

Ok, it was non-venemous, but it was still a PYTHON!

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