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April 26, 2004


Toad Carnage and the Hungry Otters


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Toad skinning otters? Don't they know the skin is the psychadelic part? Silly otters, skins are for trips.

"Laird of the Monymusk Estate" would be a good band name too.

"... when a predator sees a toad it triggers a predatory response.

"It will go and kill one, but then get frustrated by the taste, leave it and go on to the next one.

"This will continue until the animal gets bored and decides to do something else, like go and catch a fish, instead."

So these were obviously GUY otters.

That's almost like "Big Head Todd and the Monsters"...oh wait that is a name of a rock bad. oops.

Mutilated Amphibians would also be good, though not quite up to Toad Carnage as a great nfarb.

Well, I can understand all the lost toad-legs since that would depend on predatory timing, then add in the bad taste.

Not unlike the Monarch butterfly which looks like a Viceroy which is the toad / frog butterfly-equivalent, respectively.

For now, I'll count victory to the otters and hope all's well that ends hell! But I hope the ecosystem doesn't get quite badly unbalanced!

Otters say, "Mmmmm, taste like chicken!"

Spoken as a true CTO eadn :) BTW, that was nice post on the forum earlier, buddy. High 5.

I would so go see a band called Toad Carnage and the Hungry Otters

"frogs will just mate in any puddle or pond"

Thanks Con, I left 2 only in TFP, but feel I should perhaps leave that building to its own soundstage. I'm half-deaf but read well sortof like "Name That Tune"...:-|

MeL, my sympathies, respect, and support!!!!

I hope this is Finally Done even across the Boards! On To The Music! (though I can't hear an nth of the words, the guitars may clash with the cymbals, and someone's amp seems to have electrocuted itself! ;-)

The WORST Band Names of All Time:

-Tonight's Gig Is Off
-Not Playing
-Canceled Due To Illness
-Drummer's Dead
-Stage Closed For Repair
-200% Ticket Price Hike
-Family Friendly (if you're a heavy metal band)
-Satan's Sex Slaves (if you ARE a family-friendly band)
-Linkin Park (people might mistake your band for the REAL Linkin Park and not show up)
-Big Clog-Dancing Contest -Win A Lifetime Supply of Wooden Shoes!
-No Music At All

It's a Bittersweet surrender..

Those toads otter find a better hiding place.

...taps mic...hello???

"A number of theories - ranging from cruel children to witchcraft . . . - were mooted."

I wonder if anybody mooted that the otters were practising witchcraft? Or were juveniles?

Mutilated toads! What's next on these otters list, possom? From possom to sheep, sheep to cows, it might never stop. One could wake up one morning at a knock on the door and rather than the hardware salesman you have the green river otters deciding on the best way to pull off your legs and skin, and we're not even poisonous!
And is that the hardware guys wrench?
Anyway what did we ever do to them -aside from the whole near extinction bit and we all know who we can hold responsible for that, you guessed it, Bob Taft- not a damn thing!
Sure we've pumped toxic pollutants into their swamps, and taken bits of THEIR fur from time to time, but that can't be helped. Although come to think of it that might be the reason we have giant killer mutant otters roaming our streets, taking up space at YMCA soup lines, and picketing for affirmative action. Well fine, feel sorry for them if you like, give them jobs and medicare, but don't come crying to me holding the next days paper depicting a drastic shortage of skin graphs, wheelchairs and beef jerky. Or was it artificial legs? It doesn't matter, what's important is that we co-exist with nature, or else far tamer scenarios will be played out all across america, and even into Texas.
Just kidding! Texas doesn't play out scenarios, to fancy.

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