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April 28, 2004


...to this motorist.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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He tried to escape by jumping into the bay? Another genius criminal!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Damn Jeff Meyerson! You're just cranking 'em out, aren't ya?!

Share the wealth, Man.

Obviously being chased by gangsta Bob the Builder (aka "The Ass Graba").

Forget this loser. The Penis Puppeteers flopped in Tassie! (upper right)


Well, I got nothin' to say about that, but I will say that at my local large airport (Sea-Tac) I once got lost in all the lane changes and ended up somewhere the hell in the maintenance section. Yet another example of my LTTG ability! ;-)

A friend of mine is a UPS delivery guy. He had a delivery to make at the ritzy country club in our small city. (Big city for Iowa, small for the rest of the world). He pulled the truck around the back, wasn't sure where to go and ended up driving onto the golf course via the golf cart lanes. The main dining room overlooks the course, so the people eating lunch that day must have been horrified. Another case of LTTG ability? What is LTTG anyway?

Late To The Gate.

Punky, you have the best original comments, so the least I can do is find these little gems to set you off.

I'll be away for the next 4 days anyway -- convention in Virginia -- and I hope when I come back someone is honest enough to admit having a lower score than me on that damn test! Or maybe I'll get my score up a little (if my wife is willing). ;)

It's too easy: Penis Puppeteers wbagnfarb.

Until Monday, have fun.

Last comment, from that penis puppeteer guy:

"I think it's every man's dream to pull his pants down for an hour a night, get paid well and travel the world," he said. "Come on Hobart, it's a piece of skin, get over it."

Jeff, when I first read your comment above, I read it as a conference on Viagra ... that would make sense with you trying to up your kinky score and all ... but I misread.

We'll miss you, Jeff!

Hurry back.

OMG! Some people are so stupid they defy the term stupid!

The world's always making better stupid people.

Convention on Viagra?

I bet now days, all conventions are on Viagra, even if it's a Pea Farmers Of America convention.

I think he already arrived, but I bet that they found a soggy FL license in his wallet.

*in best Elvis impersonation( which IMO is very good, second only to my Kermit the Frog impersonation)*

Thankya, ThankyaVeryMuch.

I too had noticed that he'd already been (apparently) killed off earlier in the day. But perhaps he was only faking it, and further investigation will reveal that he's alive, alive I tell you! Damn, it's late, what am I doing back here? This gets addictive. goodnight to anyone still awake....

Good morning. I'm leaving now, but let me clear it up. This is the anti-viagra convention: 500 fans of "cozy" mysteries featuring gardening, bed & breakfast inns and Jessica Fletcher-type little old lady sleuths. Maybe viagra could pep them up. (I'm going to sell books.)

See you next week. I left Dave with a number of wonderful stories I hope he'll be using, especially one to join the processed cheese monument for a must-see tour in Russia.

'Bye all!

Jeff, have fun in Virginnie~Jamester, go to bed! I am already back at work.

"TWO teenage boys escaped a jail sentence for breaking into the tomb of one of Scotland's most violent noblemen and taking a skull to use as a ventriloquist's dummy"

Skull Puppet's gnfarb. Also Violation of sepulchre.

And to think the nobleman is still being punished in the after life for his violent, wicked life.

YUM --It took 16 years, but "after comprehensive detective work"... they caught him. Well, on the brighter side, he sure does love his wife OR he's just plain nuts~

That probably stands for the "Aussie Footie League."

Really, this Chinaman wanted an appearance on Iron Chef. He was trying to create an awesome new soup stock. He couldn't help it if no one would supply him with a "killer" secret ingredient!





Nope, it's me. M-stuffizzle in the hizzle. Just bored. Pokin' around.

Suspected that when I heard someone making a call.

Must've been a cell-phone with a bad connection, but maybe our poster-kids will liven the party later!

I see at least you found a more stimulating moniker too! ;-)

Yeah, the gangsta name generator is da bomb.

Or...Yeah, the gansta name generator is da bomb, me hearties...

Yo, punky, I'm with you, let's knock off and get a drink or six.

I guess we can go over to the moat and try to amuse ourselves there...Do Dave and Judi often go on walkabout like this?


New Guy

Every once in a while, Dave and judi leave us to our own devices. I'm sure they are quite confident in our ability to amuse ourselves. Or abuse ourselves, depending on how you look at it.

Boy that is the last time I steal a car :)

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