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March 30, 2004


Some Popeye's.

(Thanks to Davion)


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Okay, that's just wrong on many levels.

Funny, but wrong.

Yeah, salsa is SO passé.

someone explain the voyeur chicken to me.............

The chicken must have felt, like I did, that the girl's dance was the most erotic thing I've seen in years. What a babe!

having lived in Korea for a year, i want to note that behavior seen on the street there, in a language that is difficult to understand, within a culture that is VERY different than what we are used to...it is sometimes best not to ask a lot of questions, continue walking, and store the more vivid mental images away for contemplation at a later date (if at all).... what you are observing may not be "wrong", but it will never be comprehensible!

The Iron Chef meets fast food and performance art?!

Sign that girl up on American Idol!

I kept waiting for the Kikkoman to show up. Popeye's chicken with Kikkoman! Now that would be one hell of a commercial.

Did anybody go to the transbuddha blog? It is this blog's alternate universe.

As for the dance she's doing, it's called the Spastic Colon. Bon apetite.

I ate in a Popeye's in Brooklyn once. All the chair had been stolen except for one, and it was not something you'd want to sit on.

That girl really rocks. And I want to know about the voyeur chicken as well. I expected him to attempt to abduct her, but perhaps the action will wait until a later episode.

Ooops. That was supposed to be "chairs." Assuming, of course, that they had more than one chair at some point.

That racoon had gigantic testicles!!!

"She bang, she bang!"

Funny that this topic comes up today. We were just discussing Popeye's at work, and how there isn't a decent one in my city anymore. And now, not having seen this commercial or what's going on in it, I'm not grossed out like many of you seem to be, and I could really go for some Popeye's.

Leave me alone in my ignorance; I don't want to know!

Guess they don't have a korean word for "Cajun".

The other stuff on that site was quite funny.


All your chair are belong to us (or, rather, all but your last chair are belong to us).

Resistance is futile. They set us up the fried chicken grease bomb.

Colorina, (nice name by the way :-) As you said, she really rocks. My first impression was that she was doing hyper-active tai chi.

How adorable...Devo meets pilates. I may never eat chicken (or do pilates while eating chicken) again.

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