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March 25, 2004


When it gets this kind of reaction.

(Thanks to Bob Coller)


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Luckily for him this movie wasn't good enough to shoot higher.

I hope no one passes judgment on this man's intelligence. His leg may very well have been a dangerous zombie at the time.

I hate it when that happens...

Wonder what he did during "Gigli."

I heard that movie was awful, it was so bad it was scary. I still don't want to see it though, for a week after I watched The Ring, I watched for signs of whether the symptoms are happening for me. Shudder. Maybe we should refrain from letting him see The Perfect Score or Bring it On Again.

I mean, it was so bad it was funny.

It happened in New York. That about sums it up.

Another soon-to-be Darwin award winner...

MOTW - I was going to take you to task for that New York comment, but in this case, you're right. We definitely have our share of Darwin candidates here. Maybe he was showing the gun to his "date" and it went off prematurely? :)

Jeff Meyerson anagrams to

Terrible movie. I love you blog Dave. Why did you leave blogger?

Would *love* to hear what The Bob makes of the word 'love' in above post.

I am just going to sit back in awe of MeL's life lessons (and off-handedly wonder what your bra difficulty is too ;-)

OK, i want to talk to those of you that said this movie was "terrible"!!!! I was an extra in Dawn of the Dead and take that personally..

I was actually a bit pleased that someone got so excited he shot himself in the leg..... better than a two thumbs up review as far as I'm concerned!

Geez, MeL! Why don't you lie down and take a load off?! :-)

Well, MeL, I'll admit it was rather a full-frontal inuendo ;-)

MeL, that's the price of admission these days (I better quit while I'm only slightly behind, but it does give rise to the thought if you got mad and did train your double-barrelled howitzers on me :-)

I think they called it carpet-bombing back in WWII.... ;-)

Not to take the discussion off MeL's howitzers, but I was just going to mention I'd like to add hedgehogs to the disallowed list. They're cute but pointy.

Hm. Maybe we *are* still discussing MeL's howitzers.

*Running hurriedly to get to the band wagon.*

Stupid people should not have:

However, then I might not exist.. hmmmm.

They can have children as long as they are put up for adoption immediately.

PS- You guys crack me up, but do you work? I get on here during my free period at school and you seem to be blogging nonstop! No complaints, keep them coming, I was just curious...


alex, double barreled howitzers.....ya know....head lights.....rack....the first thing I notice after a girls eyes....the boys in the bra.....ya there yet?

Ah. new blood. Hello Garrett. I work. But I am REALLY good at multi tasking, so I post between the work, see?

Plus I am the newly appointed CFO of Punkyvision ... and yet I still find the time to post senseless thoughts on this blog. Amazing.

Ahh, Punky. As CIO (which I also found out means "Career Is Over") No matter...I do believe in sharing our loads :-) All the better to PunkyVision with I say! Oops! Maybe my next career should be in plumbing! ;-)

Eadn... your pipe is leaking.

alex..just chiding ya a bit...no harm meant. And as for embarassed and stupid,have you read some of my other comments? I have that area wrapped up:)

If that was his reaction to Dawn of the Dead, what did he do during House of a Thousand Corpses?

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