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March 30, 2004


We have this interesting finding by Dr. Raphael De Cock (yes, Dr. Raphael De Cock), and this alarming discovery by Dr. Kazam Khan (yes, Dr. Kazam Khan).


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You'd think that they would suffucate or something...

Maybe the worms were saving a spot for someone.

Maybe the worms were saving a spot for someone.

Maybe the worms were saving a spot for someone.

"insect eaters like frogs refuse to eat glowing prey."

And this is why the frogs will survive the nuclear winter. Very sensible creatures, frogs. Well adapted.

Sorry about that.

That's it...no more fish, i'm back to greasy burgers!

and, i'm not eating any more glow worms either...

"The Furious Kazam Khan" would make such a good name for a band...

Worms in fish? Duh. That's what worms are for: fishing! Fish are supposed to have worms in them; that's what fish are for.

I forgot to acknowledge that punky was correct. I should have said "Nice catch, Punky" but that would sound like I was fishing and I would have to worm my way out of it.

I wonder if Dr. Khan tried scaring the worm away by defiantly....nevermind.

Bad Trek Joke: "Sir...it was Khan....he put worms in our fish...."

They call me Dr. Worm
I'm not a real doctor but I
am a real worm
I am an actual worm

Mike M.: I thought Furious Kazam Khan sounded more like a wrestler. Or maybe a light heavyweight boxer: "In this corner, from Islamabad, Pakistan, weighing in at... "

So if the glow worms are always travelling into the wind to find each other how do they ever catch up and mate? One or the other of them has to be travelling against the wind...

Maybe this is how they'll end up on the endangered species list, then we won't be *allowed* to eat them anymore.

Bismuth, love the They Might Be Giants reference... :)

Ah, Bismuth beat me to it.

Anyway, I used to date a guy who worked in a restaurant kitchen. He would tell me about all the parasites he found in the fish filets. I never want to eat fish again.

Actually, Bismuth, I beat you to it, being as I've been signing all of my comments as such for awhile...

But yes, They Might Be Giants. Yeeeessssss.

And worms. And worms who like to play the drums.

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