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March 29, 2004


We lack the discipline.

(Thanks to Brian Smith)


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I imagine I would do "a series of acrobatic flips," pretty immediately after that as well.

It appears to me, that he got his foot stuck.......

I read that this photo was actually taken 30 minutes after the "kick", just before the EMS unit arrived.

"Owww! My toe! My toe!" jumps around on one foot, waves hands in the air, kicks a monk

Or, alternatively, it's a depiction of an obscure cross-species mating ritual, wherein the bluelegs tries to seduce the orangerobe, who remains unimpressed.

Crane technique, Daniel-san

I have never understand why, these martial arts types need to prove, that they have no balls (or dangle)?

However, seeing as some people don't understand why I collect empty Marmite pots .....

Like vegemite? Of course, I only know about that from the old Men at Work song.

"marmite is more of a religion to those who eat it rather than just food"

Should we assume, then, BarryFS, that this religion differs significantly from that of the orange-robed monks?

How do we know he wasn't wearing his steel cup? Or perhaps he was heavily sedated.

Not much. Less wear-and-tear on the nuts though.

Punky - most guys prefer "impenetrability" in that area.

And I am impressed that they named a thong after you (see The Bob).

So this is the definitive article written in reference to the fabled fractured fairy tale, 'The Little Boy Who Cried Monk'?

Further proof that marmite is evil.

BarryFS: Unbeakable? Hmmm. Personally, I'm not getting my beak anywhere around his Marmite pot.

Barry, I may never be the same after reading that! Thanks a lot!

We're just a fun bunch here in Sacto, and we have unique games.

You notice the monk didn't let the Gov (Ahnold) participate, though...

Just out of curiosity (okay, nosiness) jsharp=jsharp from amexpats?

Also, yes Marmite is pure evil in a jar.

And notice the expression on the other monk's face...something tells me he's not going to be volunteering as a crotch-target anytime soon...

They have a Shoalin workout video "Balls Of Steel". You should try it, Grasshopper.

Speaking of typos: "betweent"? Really, the AP shouldn't be making mistakes like this. So I'll blame Yahoo.

This is one version of "The Nutcracker" I will definitely avoid!

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