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March 28, 2004


Too exciting.


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It ate Sparkles, the Chicken!

Give it Life. No Parole.

And yes, I know it's Speckles. But wouldn't you rather be named Sparkles than Speckles?

"it wound up to a coop, falsely befriending three chickens before devouring them"

Why, hello there little chickens. Your mom sent me to drive you home from school. Would you like some candy? Come, sit here next to CCHHOOMMPP!!!

Stupid, stupid chickens....

What good will it do to put a snake behind bars? Can't he just slither through?

yes,that is why it is so important to reinforce the bars.

This guy wants to know exactly how you falsely befriend Chickens.

BMX3: huh?

I thought I posted a perfectly reasonable "false befriending" scenario earlier, thank you very much.

The reason it's believeable is that it hinges on the widely known fact that chickens can't drive, and consequently are frequently dependent on other members of the animal kingdom for rides.


Never live in a Southern Latitude.

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