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March 31, 2004


Claire Martin finally checks in with an alarming item.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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So other than Barry Manilow's nose, and high-flying well-built ducks, what can be seen from space?

I would think water and dirt for starters.

That's extremely disappointing. I thought it was one of those self-evident truths, like Jessica Simpson's IQ or Michael Jackson's moral fiber.

I'm pretty sure you can hear the gunfire in Miami, but I'm not sure what else can be seen from space...the world's biggest Cheet-O perhaps?

gordam mongorians blake down chitty wall


That was friggin great. Well placed. I'm still chuckling to myself writing this thinking about that episode.

Hi, not sure if you guys are still around because I've been catching up on two days of Dave Barry posts but still doing schoolwork and appropriately copying down from other people. Not really a big comment on this except that it's not so widespread that I didn't hear the rumor until last year. I'm not the top priority on that type of gossip chain(or any chain to be specific)

Who was Josiah Henson? Why did he later become famous?
Do you even know who he is? If you don't, and you're the ones running the country, then why do I have to learn it?

this doesn't prove anything. the main flaw in their experiment was the lack of a copilot. here's how it could have been different:

astronaut: "I don't see it. I can't believe it, but I cannot see it."
copilot: "Oh no, there it is. over there, see it?"
astronaut: "Oh yes, okay."

the above is called sound science and it's what our text books should be based on. by "our" i mean chinese.

Are you talking about the former slave turned preacher Josiah Henson?

One of my elementary school teachers told me about the whole Great Wall thing. Over the years I've found that pretty much half of what grade school teachers told me was based on rumor. I've had to purge my brain and fill it up with snopes.com, straightdope.com, and this blog.

Are we really sure that this was from Claire Martin? It's a pretty lame post, and it's a story that's almost three weeks old.

I've always thought it was only a good wall

Beanster: Because we said so.

Man this is what we get for reading all those Chineese school books...

I read in another news article that this item had been contradicted by American astronauts, many of whom who have seen the wall. I'm surprised the Beeb is taking this at face value.

Wall? What wall? *WHAM* Oh, that wall....

In space no one can hear you scream, so do like any good little kid does when he scrapes his knee, save it until you see Mommy. *WAAAH*

My mum's first thought would be
" who the hell cleans that *long* wall??!! Of course the designer was a man.HE doesnt have to clean the damn wall--".

well,maybe she wouldnt use the words hell or damn.

MeL, that's just what she WANTS you to believe. It's working too, isn't it? *wink*

ps. And yeah she knows about popsicles, too. She IS a mom you know. :)

(Sorry, I couldn't resizt. See bubble--BURST bubble)

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