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March 30, 2004


Aren't you, like, ashamed?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I'm dumber for looking at that. But I think what truely is disturbing is that you get a free hairball with your purchase.

Hey, all I know is that the angry spirits will take cat butts in leiu of chicken or duck. Better that than the alternative.

I have to give them credit for their attention to detail.

No...wait...no I don't. Even the concept is psychotic.

What's next?

"Have you recently had your cat de-wormed, but you miss that rascally, serpentine bugger just oh so much? Well, with new *RonCo Worm Lockets (TM)* you can keep a part of that loveable little parasite with you always!"

Clicking the Add to Cart Button with place 1 of this item in your cart.


"This is your fridge. This is your fridge on drugs. At least your fridge better be on drugs, because if it isn't then you obviously are, since you stuck a bunch of cat-anus magnets to it."

Hey, I have a Siamese cat, and that Siamese cat butt doesn't look right.. why is it blue?? And its paws aren't brown!

umm... not that I like to look at cat butts.. O_o

I think the Dog people should be concerned too...Humpy Puppy? Who comes up with this stuff?

Hi I am NOT ashamed. Cat butts remind me of Barry Manilow!

I'm a Cat Person and I much prefer looking at cat faces. At least most cat people don't dress their cats in stupid costumes. We would be flayed alive. Very undignified. Mrroww!

"Cat butts remind me of Barry Manilow"

And MikeyT reminds me of something else.... >:-(

Well, my theory is that this product was designed by cats, not people.

What is absolutely the most fascinating thing to a cat when encountering another cat? Where do they instantly put their nose? Got that image? OK.

So I say this is a case of failed marketing because of cultural misunderstanding. The cats who designed this product assumed that humans would be just as interested in having pictures of cat anuses on their refrigerators as THEY (the cats) would be if they owned refigerators. Or knew what they were.

It's sorta like that New Coke disaster. I think.

My cats were very disturbed by this display of botties. You people should be very ashamed.

R. Sole, Sidcup, Kent

Any cat will deliberately present it's butt as closely as possible to it's owner's face on a daily basis. As a sometimes cat owner I know this to be an immutable fact, something akin to the physical law of gravity. Even a die hard cat lover can't honestly admit to enjoying this aspect of a their cat's behavior any more than a dog lover enjoys watching their pooch licking themselves. The difference is that the cat butt toy seems meant to have an endearing quality to it. Why? I'm pretty sure that even a dog lover would never find a dog licking toy endearing.

What's up with THIS?

Dateless men?
11 year old boys?
Women who objectify their men?


So far, I think I've figured out"

Or If You Don't Work...

What the heck does all that mean?!

I just saw it. Ohfercryinoutloud!

I once saw a SHIRT with cat butts on it. Disturbing.

Not as disturbing as that link, Cherie. If I was a cat and my idiot owner thought I'd look "cute" in a dress or duck hat...I'd sit on his or her face while sleeping, and suffocate them.

1. Dress her up. Cheer or yell, do whatever you like to enjoy the moment with your family.

2. After you are enough with your joy, take a photo! Take some poses and leave her some cute photos!

3. Remove her clothes and give her a hub, say "Thank you!"

Why do I find this scary?

It's their curse that makes them do it.

BarryFS: Usually the removing the clothes and the giving of the hub occurs before I'm enough with my joy, ifyaknowhatimean.

MOTW? As a dedicated cat person myself, I do have to ask if you really "added to cart"? I mean that's one aspect of kitty presentation I really could do without!

OtherDave - Is it a cat that gets the hub when the clothing is removed? Because that kind of joy is illegal in most states...

Is it a cat
that gets the hub
When the clothing
is removed ...

Sorry, Mrs. Bruce, I was distracted by your Seussian rhythms.

What was the question again?

What a total...CatAssTrophe.

I'm SOOO glad I wait to read this blog during suppertime.

I vacuum our two cats, particularly during the summer. But, not their butts. In any case, they are both fixed.

Lmd33: I know. I started gagging when I read about the spit in the burger, then I moved on to this. ewwwww...

I vacuum our two cats, particularly during the summer. But, not their butts.

Miklos: And may I say that we admire your restraint.

Then again, anyone here ever actually tried to vacuum a cat's butt? And can I have a count of fingers?

Hey! They are neutered! PC cat butt
magnets! I'm buyin'

I just adopted a 5-year-old calico kitty this weekend. Poor thing was just declawed and isn't moving around much. I don't think she'd find all of this very funny, so I'm not going to tell her, although she has already stuck her butt in my face.

My best friend's kitten finds it highly amusing to climb up on her shoulders and stick its butt in her face, when she's trying to type. To warn me about the coming delay, she always types to me, "Ack! Kitty ass!"

Why do cats do that, anyway?

No mocking, Punky, I'm laughing too much with you and Anji :)

"What a total...CatAssTrophe."

Good one, frennzy, I LOVE puns.

I personally think cats are really an alien species just waiting for their chance to take over the world. And from what I've read here, it won't be long.

I must have the only cat in the world that isn't into the whole butt-in-the-face thing. At 13, she's never done this even once.

Should I be sad?

No mocking Punky! I agree with everything you say including the occasional butt-wipe + clip any affected fur.

But with the vacuum, I will never understand why if they HATE / FEAR it so much they hide somewhere in the room I'm going to do next. The first few times, I can understand, but playing hide-and-BURST! everytime is what?!

The only game dumber was with (male kitties only) mowing the lawn...sit out on the lawn, follow me around, strange neighbor (me) flailing leg wildly to run off stupid cat while handling lawnmower!

P.S. No, never lost a cat that way and eventually learned to keep them shut in, but couldn't always catch said fur-boys in advance.

Thank You all for your patience in this long comment!

"CatAssTrophe"? Do you mean CatAssTrophy?


""At first, like other groundbreaking pioneers such as Galileo and Eminem""

You forgot to mention Mr. Whamo! And the emperor of Rome, Ron Popeal.

Adult follow-up.

During my days with Big Blue, there was an 2nd shift computer operator who was entertaining himself with a vacuum. He got stuck. He had to call security for assistance and relief.

Since Tyler, TX is a relatively small town, word went out quickly. Next day when he arrived at work, there was a Dust Buster wrapped in a diaper on his desk. The note affixed stated: The Hoover says you're the daddy.

Oh! That sucks.


Now, that's a shame.

He must of thought the vacuum would work like the penis enlarging pumps he saw on the internet.

That'll learn him.

The note on the Hoover was priceless. Thanks for the laugh.

MeL, I live in Plano.

ok ok ok....the head doc says this blog stuff might be good therapy...make the hungry hungry spirits go away...

... but cat butt magnets... a line has been crossed...

Phil: (Head doc holds up card with "cute" picture of cat anus) So, Phil, what does this make you think of?

All your base are belong to us. Hork.

OK, that'll learn me for not reading the other comments first...everybody and their uncle beat me to it.

Off to my corner now!

What about "Humpy Puppy", dog people (i.e., Dave)? I haven't read all the posts, so I apologize if this has been brought to his attention already.

OK, I'm going to test it by posting this and see if it works. Let me know, ok?

Also, Dave 'n' judi, please take note, I think Baby Locked in Safe is rather blogworthy...

Woo HOO! OtherDave, I could kiss you for that HTML tip. If you weren't like across the country or something. And probably married.

But anyway, a cymbolic cyberkiss for OtherDave. Are you feeling the love?


Uh, Blognik, you're not, like 6'3", hairy chested, balding, and most importantly, male, are you? No? Oh, GOOD. 'cause I WWMMTTIG.

Now that we've cleared that up, can you turn down the love just a little? It's making the paint on my desk blister.

Thanks. Whew.

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