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March 31, 2004


He needs one of these.

(Thanks to Mike Gaston)


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I wonder if it has a special compartment to hold bean dip and broccoli...

*NOT* available on the website? I was all ready to order one.....thanks Dave

I love that down below the picture on that page, it states:

"Wipe clean with a damp cloth"

I've had a few of them like that in my time too. Ewww...

The heading for this could also just as easily read: "WHAT NO GUY WOULD EVER BE CAUGHT DEAD BUYING" But that is a bit wordy. And how do you even buy something when you're dead. Explain that, somebody.

It needs one of those gas-grill-type push button igniters.

Wait, wait, wait -- how do we know this isn't one of those godforsaken Lo-Flo Fartfull work benches???

It doesnt blow up,it doesnt burn,it dosnt run into things and go BOOM. what self respecting guy would want this?

Add truck wheels.a motor.GPS.rear view mirrors.
a place whr u can add the words "eat my dust".
a matching helmet ( for the safety concious).
hell,even i'd buy one.

I thought THIS was what every guy needed.

OtherDave: That would be circular logic.

Yes, or perpetual motion.

Can that thing be mounted on the front bumper and used when the vehicle is in motion?

Uh, steve, I think you'll find it works better on the back bumper. Either that or you'll need to keep those heavy winter wiper blades on your vehicle year-round.

arent those things rather too close to nature.thr's nothing to stop other ppl from seeing u ...er..contribute to the nitrogen cycle.

I always wondered what a dump truck was!

OtherDave - I was envisioning a form of jousting where participants approach each other in normal traffic patterns and as they pass, fling things at one another.

"Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ
Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ

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