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March 29, 2004


Johnny needed her.

(Thanks to Collins)


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My question would be, "How close do said naked bodies get to be to Mr. Depp?"

"a period piece packed with sexual material" At least they admit they know what sells, although I'm usually not that interested in sexual material during my period. And what happened to the maggot article? It just vanished.

"We are also looking for people to play in crowd scenes with their clothes on ..."

Depending on what they're playing (cricket? football? lawn darts?), having clothes on could be wise from a safety standpoint.

if charles II needs me, who cares about johnny :) finally, the world is starting to recognize just how incredible he was.

no, i'm not kidding. this is how geeky i am.

Hey, Punky, I think you were right the first time, re you + Judi + Johnny being fun. It's even fun to think about! (Sorry, I got a little carried away there. I'll go stand in the corner.)

"We are looking for a wide range of extras..."

Somebody notify Tinks.

Punky,luv,dont be selfish.

Naked Depp+naked Bangi=POOF.
darn,there i go combustin again

Which might be by the time i enter my next life.
should have paid more attention in reincarnation class.
Wonder if Judi might find me a way to get to Strider.( deep sigh)

Now I know I'm older than everyone else here. Howard Stern was lowered to the stage as Fartman for (I'm pretty sure) the MTV awards about ten years ago.

I'm a fan now, but have only been listening to him for about five years. I didn't think he was funny then, but his ass kinda was.

PunkyVision® is proud to offer it's first Pay Per View special to be aired live. Punky will host special behind the scenes "interviews" with Mr. Johnny Depp on location of his new motion picture. Special guests include Bangladeshi_gurl, MeL and our own irrepressible judi. Stay tuned for "De Tails."

Hot Bodies! (Johnny Depp aside 'cept for stimulating the ladies' ardour ;-)

Con, I do hope that this See-Eye-Oh! :-) gets a free view! Ya know, bein' an officer of the company an' all....

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