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March 31, 2004


Somebody needs to get up there and check again.

(Thanks to commenter Blognik)


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I'd go, but unfortunately, I already have an itinerary that's going the other way.

Clearly, this means that there are TWO great walls of China, one that is visible from space, one that is not.

We Straight Dopers know you can't see the wall, because Cecil said you can't, and he is the Perfect Master.

No, wait, Dave is the Perfect Master, isn't he? Come to think of it, I have never seen Dave and Cecil together.

Wow, I got a blog item. Woo! Fame! :)

I'd like to thank all the little people who made this possible...

maybe the huns were actually aliens.

Dave, if you're reading this, I just emailed you an item about men and combustibles (specifically, one of each). What could be more fun?

So, this is how WWIII will start.

USA: I saw your Great Wall from space, neener neener neeeener!
China: Did not!
USA: Did too!
China: Did not!
USA: I know you are but what am...hey, what's that missile-like sound?

And Blognik, you even have a title. Not just "Thanks to Blognik"; he said "Thanks to commenter Blognik." (If you mumble a little, it sounds like "Commander Blognik.") At the next level, you get a special pointy hat.

Thanks for pointing that out, OtherDave! I feel so special! :)

I just sent Dave an item from my (real) email address. Then I realized I had given no indication of who I was. So I sent a follow up email explaining that. I hope it all becomes clear to the Important Blog People.

So is safe to say that Blognik is getting a big head? (And I say that, of course, out of jealousy.)

See, I told you so! Who you gonna believe, a God-fearing Amurrican or a Godless Commie? (That's a joke, son, for the humor-challenged.)

How much did David Blaine pay this guy to say that so he could call the disappearance of the wall one of his tricks?

OtherDave, I like the Cleopatra Nile Queen Hat. Perhaps scarily, I would actually wear that in selected situations. Like not to work, for instance.

But I can do Carmen Miranda too, if you like.


Congratulations Blognik!

Now the next time the walls start moving, I won't think it's just 'cause I had a little too much to drink!

now they want to light up the wall.just so astronuts can see them.

So is it true that Barry Manilow's nose can be seen from up there? Or does it have to be lit up?

Mel. .... what a bril fashion idea!

You can too see it! It's right there in plain sight!

So is safe to say that Blognik is getting a big head? (And I say that, of course, out of jealousy.)

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