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March 29, 2004


And don't bogart the trash.

(Thanks to Tom Preston)


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I have no comment on this.

"Wow ma'am, we're sure sorry about the misunderstanding. We were just suspicious because of your huge electricity bill."

"Oh that's okay officer, our pot-smoking robot really does use a lot of power."

Attention The Police:

I appreciate your feeling that you are a superior rock group, but based on the fact that my albums have sold more than eighty times the amount yours have, and that I have slept with 75% of the women in the world, I have to disagree with you. If worse comes to worse and you prolong this argument, I do own a nine-millimeter multi-calibred yellow-breasted machine-gun/cel phone/nail clippers/bowling ball. And you know what a ballsy lunatic I am.

Mick Jagger

You never know what kind of lunatics will pop up on Dave Barry's Blog. I bet there are least two French people reading this, no offense to Mick Jagger or France in general.

Speaking as a person who's average electric bill year round is about $300/month (due to about 12 computers running 24/7). I'm never putting my trash out on the curb again.

It could get reeeally smelly 'round here.

(judi, go to bed right this instant, young lady!)

With all due respect to the other great classic rock artists who have posted within the last half hour, my band was the best there ever was. I am not afraid of any Mick Jagger and his yellow breasts, either. Suck on that, Jag.

--The Only J.G.

You guys, you know that The Beatles was the greatest band of all-time! Don't you? Yep, we sure are! Pretend that I'm flipping you off right now.


Paul, I agree with you, but, you're on drugs. You forgot the most important rule of life after "Always steal when you can": The past and the present are different times.

Remember that, bud. I think it's hilarious that Dustin Diamond is still alive.

I have no comment either.

Oh Jerry, your band wasn't the best there ever was! Your band was rambling and boring. And just in case Mr. Morrison's ghost tries to post as well, I'll give him advance notice that his band was also boring. We all know I'm the greatest musician who has ever lived. C'mon, guys! I wrote the Band-Aid jingle!

Sorry Mr. Jagger, I didn't intend to be The Police of music fame, but rather the Carlsbad, CA Police Department. Besides, if I wanted to post as a freakin awesome classic rock band, it would have been Aerosmith. Or Led Zeppelin. I probably would have posted as The Rolling Stones before I would have posted as The Police, if that's what I intended.

Or Rush.

Attention everyone:

Micky J is not an unforgiving deity.

Thank you,
Mick Jagger

Geez, a $300 eletrical bill is enough to warrant law enforcement action these days? A search warrant and a K9 unit?

"Your honor, we kinda feel there's something going on. We don't really have any reasonable cause, except an eletrical bill. But... um, it's kind of a hunch. Can we have a warrant, please? Pretty please?"

Oh, wait. There's someone at the door. ;)

My feeling is, government, shmovernment.

"Tracking down marijuana growers by reviewing electricity bills, they say, is a common practice."

Of course, Arnold is the governor, what less could we expect.

I would be hiring a VERY good lawyer if I were those folks....

uses electricity-throws out their trash...
and they claim they're innocent!

Bangi.... there is no "innocence" in a police state......

John, as I'm sure you already know, as a decent human and from the mass hysterics: Dave is running for the presidency.

Don't believe me, ask the dishes.

and in a totally unrelated post
Eadn-provide friction.will burn

The Bob-Bangi nods solemnly in agreement.
( pssst..what's a police state?)

Police State=a country that maintains repressive control over the people by means of police

Anyone notice what I hope is a typo in the last paragraph:

They found nothing illegal, and she says she feels fortunate she wasn't in her son's classroom when they arrived.

"I would have been so embarrassed," she said, "and my son would have died"

B-gurl: "uses electricity - throws out their trash..."

Hey, not only that: the mother VOLUNTEERS at her son's school.

Family oriented hippies using up all of our power...

Several loads of laundry a day?? What are these people doing with their clothing? I do laundry once a week at most.

Wow, talk about your creeping fascism! This poor woman is doing laundry from morning to night when she's not online -- probably doing her kids' homework -- with a houseful of ungrateful kids (and a husband?) and they're checking her trash for seeds? Incredible. This won't happen once Dave is in the WHite House, nosirreebob!

*Gasp*! MOTW-I know!
That just says "criminal mind" right there,doesnt it.

Since when are the police allowed to moniter our utility bills? Anyone else find that outrageous?

Hey Alex- Lent is almost over, it's not about to start.

You were thinking of Easter, which is very soon.

Bangi_gurl, I will readily, willingly, and ably provide you with a standing order! :-)

fully fashioned nylon stockings butts in stockings

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