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March 10, 2004


Come on, man, he had the munchies.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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Okay, the guy's got marijuana on him, right? So he's likely been smoking, right? And you're going to tell him to leave the cookies alone??? Is it just me, or do those cops have about the same intelligence as the average congressperson??

Oh Judi, you're back, thank God. I thought we had inadvertantly chased you away with our thoughtless antics. I was just looking at that picture of you in those catseye glasses an bustier (sp?) and gently crying at our loss.

When pot is involved
Thin mints are hard to resist
I will have some now

It was entrapment. Pure and simple. The cookie
larceny charge will crumble.

The severity of the crim depends on the nature of the cookies...thin mints or caramel delights (NOT SOMOAS!) though the temptation is stronger, the crime is greater. Low fat lemon coolers....psh, he's welcome to take some off my hands.

Absolutely, it was entrapment, Angie. Judi was right, totally justifiable. Those cops are devious. Didn't you ever watch NYPD Blue? Anyway, give me the peanut butter cookies anytime.

that was beautiful... you just know the pot grab was an unlawful search and seizure that they figured wouldn't stick...

they went with the next best thing. brilliant for them.

sucks to be the guy getting a $500 fine for pot and cookies though.

$500.00 probably covers the cookies he ate. Those things are getting crazy expensive. And the boxes are getting smaller. IT was a much better value back in the day when I sold them. It's not right I tell you, not right. The girl scouts are the ones who should be arrested for drug trafficking.

Yeah, but Girl Scout Cookies are juuuust about worth that much. (If I were him, and any were left, I'd ask for the balance of 'em for the road.)

(Caramel Delites, here!)

Samoas for me. Secondarily, Thin Mints.

Definitely entrapment...putting a guy probably high on pot in a room with Girl Scout cookies in it? Good grief, put a non-high person in a room with GS cookies in it, they might succumb to the temptations.

Dang, I want cookies, but I gave em up for Lent.

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