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March 30, 2004


Sloopy, I don't care what your daddy do
'cause you know, Sloopy girl, I'm in love with you

-- The McCoys


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What kind of parents name their daughter Sloopy?

They lived in a very bad part of town.

Don't knock this great old tune. Remember that Jesus and his Disciples had in playing on a transistor radio during the Last Supper (as depicted by Robert Crumb)

The south side of Chicago? That would be the baddest part of town....

mike, not after Leroy Brown was taken down....

Maybe they had the name wrong for the dog in Peanuts? Then again, if they're singing a love song to a dog, they have bigger issues than name recollection...

Isn't it funny how Dave or judi posts something and we, like trained cattle, immediately post comments? Moo.

is it just me, or are posts getting more and more surreal? i think they're just trying to instigate comments. they do a good job.

I wouldn't say trained...

And what would have happened had Sloopy let go?

I would. My business degree provides me with the qualifications necessary to post random stupid comments as a reaction to random, sometimes stupid, posts. :)

HEY! Wait a minute! Did you just call me UNTRAINED cattle?

Trained? Training this crew would be like herding cats!

So we're unherded cats AND untrained cattle, then?

Unherded Cat and the Untrained Cattle WBAGNFARB.

I'm wondering why, if we're so concerned about Sloopy hanging on, that she should "shake it, shake it, shake it"? Wouldn't that make it harder to hang on?

my orchestra (yes, orchestra) actually played that song once. it was weird.

What is she holding on to?

She's not HOLDING on to anything. She's HANGING on....

Pardon me, what is she HANGING onto?

I see how it is, you all post comments like cattle until I say something.

More immortal lyrics.

I write the songs that make the whole world sing,
I write the songs of love and special things.

- Barry Manilow

Cheap, Factotum. Just throwing Barry Manilow around like that. C'mon, WORK for your laughs....

Sharon, I agree. Even with a gentle foot to the rear (necessary because a cat will always cross your path black or not) said cat will immediately back up like a broken slinky...essentially not clearing the path at all and now sitting on your foot.

Erica, hit *refresh* again ;-)

Rachel, cattle or no, trained, untrained, lost on the plain, we would post...it just happens on the long blog trek to...where were we going again?

No, those are all good lyrics. There were bad MoTown lyrics:
"Baby, let me take you home
Let me keep you safe and wome..."
That's why hip-hop is so easy. Everything rhymes. Of course, as Dave mentioned, "Land of 10,000 Dances" is an exception... na, nanana, nanananananananana, nanana.

Oops! I forgot a "na."

stash, na

makes me think of "centerfold." na na na nanana, na nanana nana na na na na...

Hey Jude.

I think `Dribble' would have been a better name for a girl.

Thanks! Tough, those lyrics...

I think that the state of West Virginia should follow suit with "Timothy".

Na nana na.
Na nana na,
Hey, heyee,

MeL, I'd touch that one, but I am derailed for dinnertime. Jest a little a little online fantasizing for this once-young boy (he done growed UP so fast! ;-) :-)

Nope. But, I like eggs. And peanut butter. And I like CapriSun. And Pingu Games. And Yeti Pingu Games, not to Mention Pingu and Shark Games.

You revitalize me MeL! But I must keep up my sustenance! 'Til the morrow, Sweet Lass :-)

Dribble, BarryFS? Care to elaborate?

I always sang that song as Snoopy, not Sloopy. Why, you ask? Because I could.

I'll comment about anything (clearly). If Dave Barry posted a site with nothing there, we would come up with 312 comments on it by the butt-crack of dawn.

Can you imagine if he just posted the question "WHY?" at the top of the blog and let us comment on that ... we could crash the system with the sheer colume of crap we posted.

Go ahead, Dave. I dare ya. I triple dog dare ya!

Punky "potty trained" brewster

I wouldn't say trained...
Posted by: Dave Barry on March 30, 2004 08:37 PM

When Dave gets bored it must be pretty cool and mildiy amusing, just to see what the blogniks do post as comments, though. And he HAS asked for our opinions on very important issues regarding manners. So he IS aware of the power he wields.

Judi, on the other hand, having a firm grip on Sloopy, may have her own separate agenda--possibly having something to do with the "popsicle effect" on her audience.

shark games?! where?!?!

eee! con, i love you! whoever you are.

Factotum missed the best part: the particular Barry lyric he saw fit to quote is, ironically, one of the few hits Manilow had that he did *not* in fact write himself.

perhaps i shouldn't publicize my weaknesses so readily.


Moo Who?

hey factotum, zat you?

mr. brown can moo. can you?

Speaking as a guy who doesn't like meeting the parents, I would care what Sloopy's dad do. What if Sloopy's dad do murders? As Dave says, they did live in a bad part of town...


By the way are you related to Davey Jones? If I had known Johnny had a freak, pink eyed brother named Edgar I would have never left the McCoys. I was ;However, never worried about proper punctuation when I wrote Rock 'N Roll Hoochie Coo, the song dedicated to my Asian roommate at the time, Choo Chu.

Rick with forward by Mike Nesmith and Roger Miller who has an old stogie he has found.

Wait a minute. . . the Rock Hall of Fame is in Ohio-AND THIS IS THE BEST THEY CAN DO? Maybe it's time to move it to Memphis . . .

Now I'm going to be wondering where the name "Sloopy" came from all night...

If we're all like cattle, does that mean we're all going to try to jump off of movie vehicles?

Just a question.

And on a lyrical note...
The best version of Hey Jude I ever heard was actually a song parody written by some crazy people at my temple for Purim, entitled "Hey, Jews."


Styx' "Mr. Roboto" is a noteworthy song, if you're looking for wacky lyrics.

This song was actually written for a direct to Beta movie telling the heartbreaking story of a one night stand between a mildly-retarded lisper missing his front teeth and a notoriously "friendly" gal from a trailer park on the outskirts of Cleveland. So, while her name came out "Sloopy" - it's actually "Jennifer"

Sloopy, Jennifer, it sounds the same. Huh. I always thought it was about a robot telling Lawrence Gowan to play volleyball.

The robot and Lawrence Gowan (along with the dog who could dunk a basketball) were subplots that were not well received by the critics. However, if you can find the DVD "Editors Cut" with 7 hours of additional scenes and commentary by the key grip then I think you'll find it even more gratuitously awful.

You must get us the lyrics, Doctor Worm.


Aw, c'mon Mike, gimme some credit. Manilow has nothing to do with it... "special things"? It has the words "special things" in it, for God's sake! That would be cliche if Dave Matthews sang it.

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