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March 24, 2004


Now the bastards are using illegal meat.

(Thanks to Guillermo Rodriguez)


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A. Illegal Meat sounds like a movie starring Ron Jeremy
B. I think The Gambia must be related to The Pluto
C. am I first? really?

She was trying to open her own McFisheads franchise.

How did she think she would be able to sneak the suitcase on the plane, what with all the smell rays, dripping blood, etc. - remarkable.

Punky - ever buy any illegal meat?

the scary part here is, what if that luggage had gotten "lost", as luggage often does? and left in the corner of some airport somewhere, for days.......and days......


reminds me of the story about the jilted girlfriend who snuck into her x's house and filled the hollow curtain rods with fresh shrimp... story goes that he had to move!

Give her a break, fellas! There was no mention of a severed seal head there!

well, i sure thought of something ...ELSE before i blogged it, brad... but then, i usually do.

Whatever else might be said about a suitcase full of fish, goat meat, and snails, it would make a pretty unusual noise if you dropped it.

Punky-would like pointers on stealing illegal"meat".
and while on the subject of meat-- POOF!
Bd_gurl bursts into flames yet again.

wouldnt it be more risky to smuggle meat OUT of UK--i thought the mad cow disease started THR!?

I am sure the odor of the contents helped her get the row all to herself. I bet she wasn't planning on eating the illegal meat after all.

A. How did she manage to carry this suitcase through the airport - 186lb!?
B. How is it that this bag made it past numerous alert baggage handlers all the way to customs?
C. Was England her final destination?
D. Would she have been legal had she DECLARED the, um, imported meat?
E. At least they didn't mention any explosives mixed up with all those nummies.

So maybe she is a desperate chef fleeing Africa with nothing but the contents of her freezer. Quick send some of my tax dollars as "humanitarian aid".

Meat smugglers? Illegal meat?

Makes me proud to be a vegetarian.

RE to mudstuffin
"How did she think she would be able to sneak the suitcase on the plane, what with all the smell rays, dripping blood, etc. - remarkable."

Evidently she did get it on the plane. She was caught in England. People in Gambia must get on planes with meat all the time. She must be one heck of a woman. I'm 6'4" and 300 lbs and I would have trouble hauling a 186 lb suitcase around.

"Is that meat in your suitcase, or are you just happy to see me?"

1. How big was that frigging suitcase?
2. Did she take it on the plane with her and cram it into the overhead bin like so many considerate people do?

Goat Meat and Snails would be a great name for a rock band! :)

Or Illegal Goat Meat and Snails.

Or just Illegal Meat.

Another thought. Suppose the suitcase had not been discovered in customs. Suppose it was a carry-on. Imagine:

You're sitting in your airplane seat, reading the in-flight magazine, when BLOOD starts to drip from the overhead bin. Drip. Drip. Drip. You stare at the red splatters on the floor. You call the flight attendent and he opens the bin to find a suitcase with BLOOD draining from it in a thin stream onto the floor. Now pretend you're the flight attendent. What is going through your mind? Are you thinking goat meat? Are you thinking snails? No. You are thinking, "Someone on this plane is a murderer."

If you open the suitcase, turn to page 113.
If you scream and faint, turn to page 115.
If you immediately close the bin, turn to the passenger, and say, "I really don't see any problem, sir," turn to page 117.

When meat is outlawed only outlaws will have meat.

Unrefrigerated goat meat, snails, and fish heads...can you imagine the smell?

A flaming Bangladeshi-gurl ;-) Oh, I better go get my medication....


Not *gasp* Mr. Snail!

Illegal Meat is the best name I've heard for a band. Ever.

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